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  1. Europe
    Hello, I am planning on running in Modball Europe 2014. The dates/route is are not out yet. I am just streching out my feelers to see if someone else in the region may be interested in taking part and are looking for a team member or captian. I asked a couple of buddys, but I know when it...
  2. ModBall
    So, After a week or so of debate...It's official. :clap::clap::clap: MODBALLxFORMULA-DxSPOCOM The Modball Rally, has teamed up with two of the BIGGEST names in the Industry to bring you an even more out of control evening of madness.. We have moved the Awards party to: The Bank Nightclub...
  3. ModBall
    Hello everyone, We are looking to partner with a sticker company who would like to produce the Modball Rally decal kit. We will put the company logo on every entry and include your logo on our printed materials and website. If you know anyone who may be interested let me know.
  4. ModBall
    I wanted to let everyone know that the lovely Amanda Gift and Jeri-Lee Negrete along with 10 of Babe Blvd's hottest girls will be joining us on the west coast leg of the Modball. I am finalizing a few things and will let you know who is coming on the Chicago Leg soon... For the time being...
  5. ModBall
    Hello :4fingers: members! First off I would like to introduce myself to those of you who I haven't had the pleasure of already meeting. We are very happy to sponsor and look forward to networking and talking to everyone. My name is Mike, a.k.a Peewee. Some of you may have heard about...
1-5 of 8 Results