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  1. Automotive
    The Lamborghini Miura is one of the most beautiful designs ever committed to steel, but its beauty and rarity mean that once you’ve seen one, you’ve pretty much seen them all. Well, not quite all. The Miura SVR started life as Miura body number 383. Born a Miura S, it was delivered to a dealer...
  2. Automotive
    Lamborghini is so excited about its latest project that it’s showing it off, even though it’s not done yet. This 1976 Countach, chassis number 1120204 is part way through a nut-and-bolt restoration at Polo Storico and is being shown off at the Salon Retromobile, in Paris. Although we normally...
  3. Automotive
    It’s been 50 years since Lamborghini introduced what would become one of the world’s iconic supercars.The Miura project was originally a secret, conceptualized by a few designers in the company. Ferruccio Lamborghini happened to stumble across their blueprint, and immediately gave the ambitious...
  4. Automotive
    We recently attended the grand opening of Lamborghini’s new carbon fiber development and research center in Seattle, but the party was actually in the parking lot of the innovative facility. Outside the  Advanced Composite Structures Laboratory (ACSL) , classic and modern Lamborghinis were all...
  5. Automotive
    In an effort to ‘one-up’ previous Lamborghini models, Marcello Gandini began conceptualizing today’s Lamborghini Countach. In particular with Lamborghini in the late 1970s, it was something more of a challenge – and based off the finished Countach model, he was up to the test. And in...
  6. Lamborghini
    These pics are immediately after its first wash in several decades.
  7. Lamborghini
    dem lashes Original 1966 Miura P400 Original 1966 Miura P400 1969 Miura S SV SV Jota Jota SV
  8. Lamborghini
    Hi everyone, I am selling this Lamborghini Miura S. It is a 1970 model that has an updated "SV" style front hood. It is available at fair market value. Located in Florida and ready for an inspection. Contact me at [email protected] for more details.
1-12 of 14 Results