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  1. The New Mercedes S65 Cabriolet is The Ultimate Luxury Convertible

    The Mercedes S63 was a hit at the Frankfurt Motor Show, having motorists drooling over what Mercedes has on the horizon. Well, they've done it again, going one better in revealing the range-topping Mercedes S65 Cabriolet. The S65 Cabriolet is a four-seater convertible, offering exquisite...
  2. Video: 800hp 1000ft/lbs tq 2012 Mercedes S63 Codename Quiet Hammer by HG Motorsports

    European Auto
    HG Motorsports presents Quiet Hammer a 2012 Mercedes S63 Bi-Turbo upgraded to 800hp and 1000ft/lb tq HG Motorsports: website: HG Motorsports | San Diego's Luxury Car Tuner facebook: twitter: About Quiet Hammer: Starting...