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  1. MISHA Designs | 2014 Holiday Sale – Special Holiday discount on all our Mercedes body kits!

    It's that time of year again! From now until December 31st we are having a Special Holiday pricing on all our Mercedes body kits(SL, SLS, CLS, C-class) Holiday Special prices are the lowest prices we will ever be able to offer you on any of our products. PM or Email us at...
  2. Gt2 and Gt3 cars' sounds during the GT Open

    L4P Racing
    I went to the GT Open race at the Nürburgring a few weeks ago and made a few videos to record the awesome sound of that cars. So I started a series of videos from this event, it starts with the 458 Gt2's and Gt3's sound. At 1:09 you can also see a 458 Gt2 burning, I don't know what has happend...
  3. SLS AMG in Dallas - Doors Up

    I saw my first SLS AMG out and about in Dallas today. It was such a glorious sight! The car looks so much better in person than in photos and it really was funny to watch the driver duck to avoid smacking his head on the gullwing doors on his way out :clap: I think this car would look even...