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  1. European Auto
    This Renntech Mercedes-AMG C63 S is fitted with a custom Akrapovic exhaust system and it sounds and looks CRAZY! This is probably the best C63 S AMG we have seen and filmed so far.. the video includes multiple loud revs and some accelerations! What do you think of this Renntech Mercedes-AMG C63 S ?
  2. MBZ
    Multiple Mercedes AMG GT S Coupes showed up at the Cars & Coffee event in Dusseldorf a while ago! This video includes several clips of accelerations in the tunnel nearby the event, as well as some other exhaust sounds! Which AMG GT S in this video looks the best in your opinion?
  3. MBZ
    Check out this Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG fitted with a Frequency Intelligent exhaust system doing several revs and accelerations! The Fi exhaust sounds so nice on the A45 AMG!
  4. MBZ
    My new CLS 63 AMG Shooting Brake has just arrived:
  5. MBZ
    Hey out there. What do you think about this Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series with after mark exhaust system?!? is it better then the orig? Let me know.
  6. European Auto
    Hey all, So I'm going to hopefully be buying my first car sometime in the next couple of weeks and I have narrowed it down to a couple of options from the cars that I found online. The two cars I'm stuck between are the 2001.5 Audi S4 and a 1999 Mercedes C43 AMG. I have found both and stayed...
  7. MBZ
    Hallo. Monaco is the place for rich people and there cars. Some cars are more easy to park then other for the Valet, and this Mercedes SL BS have a V12 engine that deliver 670 hp / 999 Nm.
  8. MBZ
    Located in the Northwestern San Fernando Valley, R1 Motorsport is continuously pushing the envelope and putting out some of the most appealing projects in the Los Angeles area. Their reputation has been built on a solid foundation of impressive eye-catching builds and we have been fortunate...
  9. European Auto
    After 2 successful years of events we are now on our third year! Come meet your old friends and make some new ones at our annual Season Kickoff! All makes and models are welcome! Just please keep the burnouts/aggressive driving outside of the parking lot since they are our sponsor and we wish...
  10. MBZ
    This 2012 (W212) E 63 biturbo wagon received the full RENNtech performance treatment with a lengthy mod list including turbos, full exhaust and exterior aerodynamic upgrades. Here is a sneak and the original rendering and another image More details to come... stay tuned and until then...
1-12 of 12 Results