1. Adv.1 Summer Sale Event

    Adv.1/HRE Summer Sale Event As the summer has officially begun it’s time for a little spring cleaning. Below is an extensive list of car models in which we have custom forged Adv.1 & HRE wheels in stock and ready to be shipped out immediately. Some of these wheels already come with a...
  2. Big Body Coupe - Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG x HRE S204's by Wheels Boutique

    Whenever a new premium wheel series is released we get a little tickled. We know that as HRE’s largest dealer in the world it’s likely that we’ll be the first to get these wheels in the hands of customers and produce some special results. The Mercedes-Benz S63 Coupe on HRE S204’s in Brushed...
  3. The Modern Day Gullwing - Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG on HRE P101's by Wheels Boutique

    When Mercedes created the 300 SL in the mid 1950’s nobody thought its balance of style, elegance, and performance would ever be duplicated. Speaking from a retrospective position – we were all wrong. Mercedes-Benz’s SLS AMG, the spiritual successor to the original gullwing, has been a smashing...
  4. The Pinnacle of Mercedes' Black Division? WB's Very Own SL65 Black Series

    When you take a closer look at the sheer numbers of this rare piece of machinery you begin to realize the full greatness of this Black Series model. The word “monster” gets thrown around often but that’s what this factory widebody Mercedes SL65 truly is. How else could you explain the 20”x10” //...
  5. The Dark Side of Mercedes Benz - C63 Black Series on HRE P104's by Wheels Boutique

    As if adding “AMG” to your Mercedes’ equation wasn’t enough, the Black Series subdivision was created to give Benz models a little extra kick in the pants. For all intents and purposes, these Black models are racecars for the street. Extra power, extra aerodynamics, extra grip. This C63 is no...
  6. You're Going to Want to See this Finish Combo - CLS63 S AMG on ADV.1's by Wheels Boutique

    Well known and well respected; there’s no denying the brilliance that is Mercedes-Benz. The CLS63 S AMG continues that legacy for the luxury automotive company and ADV10.0’s with Stainless Faces and Polished Windows only add to it. Tell us what you think by commenting below! Wheel Specs...
  7. Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG on HRE RS102M by Wheels Boutique

    European Auto
    For over 50 years the S-Class has been the pinnacle of German luxury and this latest generation - W222 - took an already astounding platform and elevated it to new heights. With gorgeous body lines and a breathtaking interior that puts its competitors to shame, the latest premium sedan comes...
  8. Mercedes Benz S550 Coupe on HRE P103's by Wheels Boutique

    European Auto
    For decades Mercedes-Benz has been fidgeting with the naming structure for their biggest and grandest coupe offered. From “SEC" to "S Coupe" to “CL" and now back to its properly named "S-Class Coupe" designation, there’s no question that this has always been the premium luxury 2-door to come out...
  9. ADV5.0TS + Mercedes AMG SL65 + Running Lights = Lighting Up The Competition

    Bet you didn’t think we literally meant lighting things up. This Merc truly is one of a kind. Sure more than a few cars have been fitted with our ADV5.0 design, but we have never seen an AMG in that eye-popping teal and LED running lights making the whole package truly unique. This car has a...
  10. Konig Motors wraps the S65 AMG WTF

    The Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG packs a 612hp punch from its V12 engine. Awesome. So why ruin it? Konig Motors wrap, priced at two million rubles ($68,200) more pics and details: Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG By Konig Motor is a Targaryen Dragon evil eyes
  11. Spotted: 1 of 1 Mercedes-Benz C111 design concept

    Vintage & Classics
    It was one of the moments when you just cant believe what you just spotted, in the public! :HappyDance: In my case it's the 1 of 1 Mercedes-Benz C111 design Concept, by Bruno Sacco, created in 1969. What a shame such a design never went into Production ... :ohwell: C111 design...