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  1. BMW
    It's been some time since I've last posted pictures of Venom, and I know some of you might be questioning if the car is still for sale, and yes in fact it is! I have a local buyer that considering a trade for his CLS 55 AMG plus cash on his end. I'm planning to give that car to my wife as my...
  2. Asian Auto
    I came across this Nissan GT-R in Abu Dhabi and was pretty amazed with it's sound. This sounds amazing! Nissan should have made this the stock exhaust.
  3. BMW
    Figured I'd make one last thread after listing my beast for sale on Auto Trader and several other BMW forums ( The wife and I are expecting a baby girl in March so I'm looking into replacing this...
  4. BMW
    GTHAUS put together this quick video of their BMW F10 M5 (2013+) – Meistershcaft GTC (EV control) Exhaust System. The system features their Wireless Remote option upgrade, and is completed with a set of 4x102mm tips. If you look closely you will see one side in their standard polished finish...
  5. BMW
    Meisterschaft GTC- EV controlled Heres a quick vid of my exhaust hope you guys like it. This is just the end section muffler only. Lemme know what you guys think IMO best system out there :l4p::emot-tip-wink:
1-6 of 6 Results