mclaren p1 gtr

  1. VIDEO: $3 Million McLaren P1 GTR w/ 1000 HP & McLaren P1 On Track! Acceleration Sounds!

    This $3 Million McLaren P1 GTR with 1000HP, accompanied by two other 'normal' McLaren P1's was definitely one of the highlights of Supercar Sunday 2016. The amount of power is just crazy, and so is the exhaust sound! What a beast of a car, that's all we can say.
  2. McLaren's Getting Hyped for This Weekend’s Formula 1 Belgian GP

    McLaren  is getting excited for this weekend’s Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix. Posted on the British automaker’s Facebook page, McLaren shared a few photos of the MP4/31 race car along with a matching P1 GTR, serving as your car porn for the day. This weekend’s Belgian Grand Prix takes place at...
  3. VIDEO: 986 BHP(!) McLaren P1 GTR Exhaust Sounds On Track! Accelerations!

    Check out the almighty 986 BHP (!) McLaren P1 GTR! This McLaren P1 GTR was definitely one of the highlights at Supercar Sunday 2016 and the exhaust sound isn't too bad! What do you think of it?
  4. Would You Rather: Ferrari FXX K or McLaren P1 GTR?

    In last week's Would You Rather , the all-new Audi TT RS pulled off a surprise upset of the recently refreshed Porsche Cayman, and going by the comments on our Facebook page, you guys seemed equally divided on the matter. But, you really can’t go wrong either, because both are outstanding...
  5. This Guy Just Had the Most Epic Track Day Ever With a P1 GTR, 458 Speciale, GT3RS, Ferrari 488

    Youtube User  Mr JWW  just had the most epic track day of his life. "Sometimes life presents occasions that are so fantastic you have to step back and absorb the moment for all it's worth, because in the blink of an eye, it is all over, and often you only realise just how fortunate you are when...
  6. Take a Look Inside the Incredible McLaren P1 GTR Workshop

    A new set of images has been released from inside  McLaren’s  new P1 GTR workshop, otherwise known as automotive Heaven. For those who need it, a quick refresher: the McLaren P1 GTR is track-only hypercar that’s built on a carbon-fiber monocoque with power provided by a twin-turbocharged V8...