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  1. Automotive
    Youtuber  Cossie670  filmed this very rare Maserati MC12—one of only 50 ever made—since it just so happens that one of them is in the Czech Republic, where he lives. So turn up those speakers and listen to this awesome car rev and accelerate.
  2. European Auto
    Dear L4P crowd. How about that? Play it LOUD. Full story here AutoEmotionenTV | AUTOMOTIVE ADVENTURES | DIGITAL & EMOTIONAL Daniel
  3. Supercars
    I was working at the Edmonton Motor Show last weekend with ZR Auto and took a bunch of photos of the show for Here's an article with photos of the one and only Ferrari ZXX, one of two Edo Competition Maserati MC12's, a chrome 1750hp Lamborghini Gallardo and chrome blue...
  4. Maserati
    Recently, I've seen 2 of the 12 MC12 Corsa built... In less than a month. This one was better though, because ... IT'S ON THE TRACK! :D
  5. Maserati
    Only 2 shots because nobody was allowed to drive it :P Maserati MC12 by Jordan Donnelly, on Flickr Maserati MC12 by Jordan Donnelly, on Flickr
  6. Miscellaneous goods
    Here is a L4P special... 2011 calendar with all the Exotics/Classics you can ever see... Sponsered by JP Logistics, O'Gara Coach Company and others... Bugatti 001 Bugatti Grand Sport MC 12 Enzo 51 Merc 57 Chevy all original Book stores are selling them for $14.99...
  7. Maserati
    In October I got the chance to visit the Princess Cars dealership in Abu Dhabi and came across this, enjoy!
  8. Maserati
    I filmed a beautiful beast named MC12 Corsa. Not streetlegal. About 1.500.000$ (to be exact 1.395.000 Euro). Unique colour (non-edo competition). Like it. YouTube - MASERATI MC12 CORSA!! 1,500,000$ CAR! AT GOHM STUTTGART! *Full HD* ;)
1-8 of 8 Results