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  1. Porsche
    Sorry to let you die hard True Blood fans out there down, but after wrapping this 2012 Porsche Panamera Turbo S in matte red, no other words better describe this devilish beast. With only two of these bad boys tearing up the streets of San Diego with over 550 horses, our ‘True Blood’ Panamera...
  2. American Auto
    2011 Dodge Charger R/T Here's a little taste of the Charger we have in the shop right now. Our customer purchased this car a month ago certified pre-owned. Came with the wheels but that was it. He wanted a new different look and here's what we came up with. A little teaser of things to come. TO...
  3. BMW
    A few weeks ago a client came to Modern Image and wanted to wrap his Beautiful Navy M3. We asked, "What color would you like to wrap your Beautiful M3?", the client replied, "I want to standout in a crowd, Matte Orange". Before During After
  4. West
    One of our clients has decided it's time to remove the clear bra from his Maserati Granturismo only to have us wrap it in Matte Black. More pictures to come.
  5. Asian Auto
    We just got the opportunity to wrap penske tunings official flagship car. This particular car is pretty familiar in the custom tuning scene and has had many faces already. You may remember it when it was matte black, matte white, sharpied, spray painted or... Well the new look is here. We can't...
  6. MBZ
    Here's another project that we're about to start next week for a L4P member. This will be a custom one off color that we will manufacture for the customer. He will be the ONLY one to have this color and it will have a matte finish in the end. We'll be doing some extra enhancements with this...
1-6 of 6 Results