matte white

  1. Snapped a few pics of my 996 Turbo

    Hi guys, I've got a few more mods on the way but it was a nice day yesterday and I had nothing to do so I took a few pics. Here they are: IMG_4517 by HelthInsXpert, on Flickr IMG_4516 by HelthInsXpert, on Flickr IMG_4519 by HelthInsXpert, on Flickr IMG_4533 by HelthInsXpert, on Flickr...
  2. Car Wrap Solutions | Ferrari 458 Italia | Matte White & Matte White Car Wrap | Coral Gables, Florida

    This car was at the Street Kings car show in Miami, Florida. Matte White & Matte Black Ferrari 458 Italia. We are 3M Preferred CERTIFIED for matte car wrapping. All our wraps are 3M Scotchprint 1080 and come with full warranties to protect your wrap. Automotive restyling available for your car...
  3. NEW Matte White & Matte Black Ferrari 458 Italia| Coral Gables, Florida | Wrapped by 3M CERTIFIED Car Wrap Solutions

    European Auto
    Ferrari 458 Italia in Miami, Florida. White matte vinyl and black matte vinyl for the car wrap. 3M Scotchprint 1080, car wrap automotive design styling and 3M CERTIFIED matte car wrap installation by Car Wrap Solutions in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Looking for serious car wrappers with...
  4. My 2011 Ibis Spyder Project is DONE

    So after 12 months of ownership, 14k miles and several iterations, my 2011 Ibis R8 Spyder project is done. Big thanks to Eddie at Detailing Dynamics in Mineola, NY for the gorgeous matte film wrap and all the trick custom cosmetic work. Also props to Diogo at AMS Autowerks in Linden, NJ for...
  5. Xzibit's Matte White Bugatti Veyron!

    I had no idea that anyone was rolling a Matte White Bug besides the great BC. But he tweeted this picture to Gumbal3000's twitter feed today, saying he's ready for next years GB3K.
  6. The Newly Refined, Highly Awaited, SEXY, Marvelous, Breathtaking... --M-a-t-t-e--W-h-i-t-e--B-u-g-g-i-e-

    We gotta give it to B.C. for the epicness and Platinum Motorsports for making it happen! This -B-u-g-g-i-e- LOOKS AMAZING :clap:! The car was still a rolling 16 Cylinder Skelton a week ago! CRUNCHING DOWN to SEMA Platinum finished this beast! Now it is front and center at SEMA 2011 at the...
  7. mmmMatte White! Lexus IS350 Gets Some SS Customs Love

    Asian Auto
    We got a client that got tired of looking at her daily driver looking the same way for years. So we decided to give it a fresh new look. :D She loved matte white and she also liked pink and red, but in the end we decided red would be a better suit to the car. This is the end result and we both...
  8. 2011 Matte White CLS550 - ShowStopper

    I was on my way to my apartment in downtown when I came across this... really something to see in person. Work done by Platinum Motorsport Bad lighting, excuse the quality.. Enjoy :
  9. Pictures of OREO, Matte IS

    Asian Auto
    I thought I'd put these up before I totally revamp the car. 2007 IS250 6SPD MT