martino auto concepts

  1. Luxury & Exotics and Supercars (+Others) of the NY Auto Show & DUB Tour 2012

    For those of you who did not get the chance to make it to the show this year and/or those who, like myself, just want to see more pics. I have started this thread for that very reason, as I know there are a ton of photos floating around on the forum but these are just a few of mine I recently...
  2. Hamptons run with the Viper Club

    Joined in with my friends from the Viper club, Sunday July 10th... great day with a great group.
  3. Celebrating 20 years in the GAME

    Martino Auto Concepts celebrating 20 years, providing quality service to the automotive community... and still going STRONG. We are honored to be featured in this national publication & chosen from tens of thousands of auto body facilities in North America. This is a childhood dream that has...
  4. Rallye BMW Motorsports Show/Martino Auto Concepts

    Just a few images from today , I was focusing on the Ithaca/ Verde M3 That caught my eye from a mile away . I also focused on wheels from D2 Forged and Adv.1 . My creativity is limited at these events so they are basic images .
  5. 9K Photography(Northeast Pic Thread)

    Since i have yet to see a pic thread on L4P which showcases events, photoshoots etc, in the Northeast. So i figured id share some of my pictures with you guys! :). Please do not hesitate to tell me ways in which i can improve my photos, i am always looking to learn new things. I will keep this...