1. Sixty Nine Million Dollars and a 150 Year-Old Barn

    Real Estate
    When life gives you money and fame, what better way than to spend it on the one place you’ll spend the majority of your time (other than work): home, of course! If you’ve got some millions to spend, this spectacular ranch on Lake Tahoe is definitely one you need to check out.   This monstrous...
  2. Live In The Mountains In This Luxury Monaco Villa

    Real Estate
    A waterfront property is available to be purchased in a private domain near Monaco, 30 minutes away from Southern France’s Nice Airport (nice as in the city, not the adjective…however we’re sure it’s absolutely lovely as well). This contemporary villa boasts 5 bedrooms, 5 full bathrooms and...
  3. Peek Inside Prince’s Former Toronto Mansion That's Up For Sale For $12.7 Million

    Real Estate
    Despite Toronto’s overheated real estate market, there’s one home that’s going up for sale with a price that still manages to take your breath away. This home is none other than Prince’s, a 14,380 square foot mansion that is going up for sale for $12.7 million after the singer/songwriter star...
  4. You Won’t Believe the Price of This Atlanta Mansion—The Most Luxurious in the City

    Real Estate
    Fit for the U.S. president (family and servants included), this $25 million Atlanta residence is the most beautiful home to ever be on the market in Atlanta’s history. Seated on 17 acres of green space, the majestic residence requires the country’s most talented landscapers. The property...
  5. This $35 Million Florida Mansion Is The Most Insane Beach House We've Ever Seen

    Real Estate
    An 18,000 square foot monster estate, this Vero Beach, Florida property offers eight bedrooms, 12 bathrooms and every luxury feature and finish you could possibly imagine! The beach front home’s first floor connects to an ocean-front terrace and features a glass-walled living room...
  6. You Have To See This Former Convent Turned $85 Million Mega Mansion

    Real Estate
    A former convent turned mega mansion, Villa Maria is a 22,000 square foot estate that sits on a beautifully landscaped 15-acre lot offering Mecox Bay views. Designed by Frank Freeman in 1920, the $85 million villa was completely refurbished in 2005 (to both modernize the space while...
  7. Even After a Price Cut, This Crazy Luxury Estate is Still America's Most Expensive Listing

    Real Estate
    Beverley Hills' Palazzo di Amore is still the most expensive estate in Beverly Hills, which makes it the most expensive in the United States and after hitting the market almost a year ago, has now had its asking price slashed by 25 percent from $195 million to $149 million. The property was...
  8. This $139 Million Gold-Plated Mansion in Florida Is Insanely Luxurious

    Real Estate
    This French-inspired mansion, estimated at $139 million, is the 60,000-square-foot estate known as Le Palais Royal. Spread over four acres and 465 feet of beachfront on Millionaires Mile in Hillsboro Beach, Florida, it takes inspiration from the Palace of Versailles. Like the palace, it’s...
  9. This $500 Million Bel Air Home Will be The Most Expensive in the World!

    Real Estate
    If you’re looking to move somewhere warm, classy and have a spare $500 million lying around, this mansion could be yours. Joining the Fresh Prince and other elite, the property currently under construction by former film producer turned home builder Nile Niami was announced with a hefty price...
  10. 58 Million Dollar Home in Beverly Hills (46 pics)

    Real Estate
    This house is freaking outrageous! I am pretty sure it comes complete with the batcave. TONS of pics in the SOURCE
  11. Maui Beach House. maybe the coolest house i haver ever seen!

    Real Estate
    a house is just a house but in this case its designed beautifully and has the best location ever! If i was beyound rich this would be my home over any other home period! check it out! SOURCE more pics here
  12. Black Panamera photoshoot

  13. The Mansion at MGM

    Courtyard Villa #203
  14. New Mansion

    Real Estate
    About a year ago, my friend moved back in with his dad when he moved out of his house and into this stately home. Their names will be kept anonymous as will their business (they aren't illegal or anything) but if you are curious, I will send you a PM. The home sits on both a lake and the 11th...
  15. The Mansion by Harrison Varma - Any Videos?!

    Hello, I'm looking for any possible video tours (if existing) for "The Mansion" project, by Harrison Varma , which is now sold. Here it is on their website: Harrison Varma | +44 (0)20 8883 6600 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting**************+44 (0)20 8883 6600******end_of_the_skype_highlighting...
  16. Now you can own A-Rod's mansion.

    Whether you love him or hate him, now you can actually buy A-Rod's Florida estate. What a place and a bargain at only $11M! That's chump change for an overpaid choke specialist like A-Rod. Check out his mansion on BillionaireXchange here. A-Rod's Miami Mansion (Auction ID: 101693, End Time ...