m3 e92

  1. VIDEO: LOUD BMW M3 E92 Coupe Driving Around in London! REVS, Accelerations & More SOUNDS!

    Last month, we spotted this LOUD BMW M3 E92 driving around in the inner city of London! The exhaust sound of this BMW M3 is music to our ears, and you can hear it all in this video that includes revs as well as multiple accelerations. What do you think of this particular BMW M3 E92?
  2. VIDEO: LOUD BMW M3 E92 w/ Armytrix Exhaust REVVING in Close Parking Garage!!

    Check out this very LOUD BMW M3 E92 fitted with a custom Armytrix exhaust system doing several revs in a close parking garage and outside! The exhaust sound of this modified BMW M3 is simply epic!