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  1. Oldsmobile old school 95 auroa

    time is money hand painted sanded still got ways to go )
  2. Automotive
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  3. Photography
    This was a treat to see this car up close. Enjoy.
  4. Photography
    I am sorry as i am new to the forum i still have not figured out how to post larger images (if you want to view in HD visit the sites in my signature) This is how they roll in Saudi Arabia or the land of Arabia. From my latest personal project. Plz comment and if there is a good response I...
  5. American Auto
    [URL="[/URL] A rare bird indeed, and fully loaded and ready for battle. before we drooled over the CTS Coupes, we had to forget about the Allante. This was the car that helped smooth that process over. The XLR. It showed that Caddy was ready to battle the German; in particular the SL Mercedes...
  6. Targa Trophy
    Thanks to Jason @ Targa for making it happen and coming to a mutual agreement with JP. YOU NEED TRANSPORT? YOU NEED JP LOGISTICS! | Targa Trophy 2011
1-7 of 7 Results