1. FS: LUM-TEC Super Combat B1 (Mint Condition!)

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    Up for sale is my mint LÜM-TEC Super Combat B1. I am asking $950 OBRO shipped in the CONUS to a PayPal verified address via USPS with insurance and signature confirmation. For interested parties outside the CONUS, please PM me. I am not looking for any trades at the moment. Condition: TZ Scale...
  2. FS: L4P + LÜM-TEC LUMzilla aka L4Pzilla!

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    Up for sale is L4P/LUMzilla #1 of 11 from the second collaboration between L4P and LÜM-TEC. This watch is based off the Lumzilla 3 - 47mm, PVD. This has seen very limited use and shows no noticeable nicks, dings, or scratches. When this watch was released it was a veryyy hot commodity that sold...
  3. FS: LÜM-TEC M18

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    *SOLD* - FS: LÜM-TEC M18 Up for sale is my LÜM-TEC M18. The M18 is a pretty rare timepiece, one of just 250 produced, that doesn’t come up for sale all too often. I’m asking $400 shipped in CONUS (to a Paypal verified address) via USPS with insurance and signature confirmation. I'm not...
  4. WTB: Lum-Tec Bulls 45 A4, Tsovet limited edition

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    Hey guys, I'm looking for the two following watches. 1-I contacted Lum-Tec wanting the bulls 45 a4, but they are sold out and only in sale in europe but thats a long process. If anyone has one for sale PM me please. (picture below) 2- This is probably a long shot but i'll give it a try...
  5. Lum-Tec M41, your thoughts?

    Im about to pull the trigger on the M41, I already have the B6 so I know the lum-tec brand. Does anyone have the M41 that they can provide some non-studio pics and/or input on the watch? Thanks!
  6. Ok, It Is A Must Have Now... (Lum-Tec)

    After looking around and searching for months I have come to the conclusion that I must have a Lum-Tec M7 Tungsten! I was pondering getting a PAM 111, which I still want but with everything going on I cant afford at the moment. If any of you guys have this watch for sale please let me know or if...
  7. ****My First Engraved Watch**** :) Check It Out

    This is the first watch which I have been able to engrave on. I must say it was a bit more of a challenge than my painted aluminum engraving pieces. There really isnt too much surface space on a watch casing to engrave so I decided to create a little Paisley design. Let me know what you...
  8. Anyone Pre-Order their 2010 Lum-Tec yet?

    I am about to pull the trigger on the M24! :D I just want to make sure that's my top choice from the 2010 range ... What have you guys reserved or what are planning to reserve?
  9. My New Rob-Montana Strap (on my M17) & Key Fob!

    I got a new strap for my Lum-Tec M17 the other day ... Rob Montana made this one for me. I kept on going back and forth but in the end I decided on the below color of Italian vintage leather with a single black stitch and a matching PVD buckle. I love it! Let me know what you guys think ...