lp570 bumper

  1. Carbonizing New York City [LP570 STYLE BUILD THREAD]

    As we have recently seen, German Luxury Tuner DMC has it's own facelift solution for first generation Gallardos. To update the Baby Lamborghini, a LP570 styled bumper is applied which is not only re-engineered to fit the 2004-2008 models, but is shockingly made of 100% carbon fiber. Martino...
  2. Renown SEMA project

    No fancy title, just keeping it real. Just wanted to share our SEMA project with you. We are in our last week before the debut and we have been busting balls getting this car done along with a car we are building for a debut at the LA Auto Show on Nov 18. So here is the first of many images...
  3. Renown R70 package for the Gallardo

    Hi everyone, I wanted to re-introduce myself. You may know me as my former SN (Ray Fong) and in person through project vehicles that have been featured on this site now for the last couple of years. I've been in the business for more than ten years by launching another company in states and...
  4. Sticker

    So as some of you have read, I made a SL bumper for the Gallardo (thread was removed) and I was thinking of developing something special to give to the owners. I haven't decided if I want to make it as a sticker or as a static cling sticker. I might even make a patch. I was inspired by fighter...