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  1. Audi
    Armytrix exhaust system enhanced the Audi R8 high-pitch tone and more aggressive sound, specially constructed in titanium, achieving the best R8 power to weight ratio, stock weight 31 k.g. compare to Armytrix titanium exhaust 8.6 k.g. More info
  2. Audi
    Our team flew over to Singapore/Malaysia to do this special feature video on one of our customer's stunning red Audi R8 V10 with Armytrix titanium valvetronic exhaust system, hoped you guys enjoy it! Constructed in full titanium with advance wireless valve control system in 3 functions...
  3. Audi
    This customer in Hong Kong came to us few month ago, he already has a different brand after-market exhaust system purchased and installed on his new 2014 R8, but was unsatisfied with the exhaust "tone" he was having, he told us the exhaust sound it's loud, but it doesn't have the "aggressive"...
  4. Asian Auto
    Just passing by, that's all ;) Armytrix Audi R8 Full titanium Valvetronic Exhaust Armytrix GT-R R35 SS/Titanium Valvetronic Exhaust
1-5 of 5 Results