1. The Electric Lotuses Are Coming Thanks to Williams F1

    Lotus Cars has entered a technical partnership with Williams Advanced Engineering to research and develop advanced propulsion technologies - namely electric motors and batteries. Williams Advanced Engineering is the engineering offshoot of the Williams Formula 1 team. Lotus says it wanted to...
  2. Lotus CEO Gets Slap on the Wrist for Going 106 MPH in 70 MPH Zone

    Lotus CEO Jean-Marc Gales was recently caught going 106 mph in a 70 mph zone, but the 54-year old avoided major discipline after a visit to the magistrates’ court in Norwich, UK. Gales was clocked doing 36 mph over the limit in a new  Lotus  on the A11 near the manufacturer’s headquarters...
  3. Official Lotus Picture Thread!

    Please Sticky! Alright guys and gals let see those Lotus builds! Elise, Exige, or Evora, doesn't matter! Post em up!
  4. If Money Meant Nothing I'd Drive This Lotus Type 34 Everyday

    In 1964 the Lotus Type 34 with a Ford V8 mounted behind the driver's back would alter the future of the Indianapolis 500, forever--and one of them just happens to be for sale. After their heartbreaking and possibly conspiratorial loss in the 1963 Indianapolis 500, Lotus was back with a new...
  5. Lotus Exige Race 380 Is Coming To A Track Day Near You

    The Lotus Exige Sport 380, unveiled in late 2016, is one of the British sports car manufacturer’s most hardcore road-going vehicles ever, but for some, even a stripped out near-400 horsepower Exige isn’t enough to get the blood racing. For those select few, Lotus has rolled out the even more...
  6. Lotus Preparing Evora Roadster, Next-Gen Elise

    Lotus will bring to market a roofless version of its Evora sometime this year and has plans to introduce a next-generation Elise by the 2020 model year. Thanks to the Evora’s super stiff architecture, the open top Evora, which is to be dubbed the Evora Roadster, won’t be any heavier than the...
  7. Lotus Fans Choose Color Scheme of Limited-Edition Evora 400

    Lotus has rolled out a new limited-production Evora 400 and it let its fans choose the color scheme.  The British automaker looked to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to crowd source the answer to the question: which color scheme is best? Though it started as a simple poll, Lotus received so...
  8. The Top 6 Best British Supercars You Can Buy Right Now (Or Soon)

    England’s mass production car industry has been dead for several years now. Companies like Rover, Austin and MG have gone bankrupt or been absorbed into other companies. But, something far more interesting has replaced them. England is now home to countless boutique car builders, and other more...
  9. The Fastest Car In The World Is For Sale And You'll Never Guess The Price

    We’ve all heard of Hennessy, that crazy car company that makes fast cars go faster. Their tuning jobs on Corvettes, Mustangs, and Camaros are beauties, but nothing touches their most prized product, the Hennessey Venom GT . They basically took an ultra-light and modified Lotus Exige body...
  10. Lotus Elise iPad Mini Custom Dash Kit and Install Photos Super Clean Build Log- How To DIY

    I pulled this off another forum but damn that's a clean install. So we now offer custom iPad Mini Slider Kits for a lot of cars, we make these kits custom in store and are the perfect way to put the iPad in dash. The iPad must have the cellular built in to make sure it works while your driving...
  11. Rossion Q1 Feature (1 of 83) in Pearl White (1 of 3)

    Buddy of mine just picked it up, and at first look I was stumped... never knew about Rossion until now. He was influenced by his brothers Exige-S (also pictured). Shoot was a spur of the moment kind of deal, however do have a full model feature planned with it ASAP. FULL Shoot: Brothers in Cars...
  12. Spyker B6 Venator Powered by Lotus Engine

    European Auto
    Dutch sports cars manufacturer Spyker is known for their aircraft oriented light-weight and well-crafted vehicles. They typically boast either a V6 or V8 engine, but the new fighter jet will be the Spyker B6 Venator and may be equipped with a Lotus sourced engine. Nothing technical is set in...
  13. Hater Throws Human Feces On Brand New Red Lotus! (Be On The Look Out For These Guys!)

    Video: Hater Throws Human Dodo On Brand New Red Lotus! :( Not a big Lotus fan, but this is so wrong. This is why I don't even leave my sunroof cracked anymore. Good thing it wasn't convertible.
  14. Photoshoot: 2012 Lotus Evora S

    I spent a few hours throughout Downtown Sarasota, Florida with a Laser Blue Lotus Evora S this past weekend. A 345 hp supercharged V6 makes for some fun times cruising around to different shoot locations. The rest can be seen on my on my website Peter Tromboni Photography And be sure to hit...
  15. New Exige S V6 on the road in Monaco!!

    I've been lucky enough to spot this brand new Lotus Exige S V6 on the road in Monaco: I think it's one of the very first exemples on the road! When I first saw this car in photos and even at the Geneva Motorshow I tought that it was too big...but in reality it just maintains the Lotus feeling...
  16. Just wanted to check in and say hi.

    I joined because of the amazing garage picture thread but wanted to join the Lotus people as that is my current daily toy. 2011 Lotus Evora - Ardent Red over Oyster and slowly going through little changes to make it sound like it looks. Currently putting a custom muffler cat back system...
  17. VIDEO: Lotus Loses Traction and Spins off Track!

    You can push a Lotus really hard, but even this car has its limits..
  18. Lotus @ Blox Racing

  19. Lotus Exige 240S with Titanium exhaust

    Turn up your volume! My friends Lotus Exige 240S Supercharged with a titanium exhaust.
  20. 2011 British GT EPIC SHOTS

    L4P Racing
    Big thanks to our friend at Intheframe-autosports for these amazing pictures. You can add his fan page to enjoy some Sweet Car Racing Images here. Intheframe-autosport | Facebook [CENTER]