1. A Very Special Lamborghini Shoot Pt One

    A Very Special Lamborghini Shoot 2012 I was contacted a while ago about a very special shoot opertunity countless millions of pounds worth of Lamborghini's in a very special location that no one ever really gets to shoot in and i just knew i couldnt say no to this. The models involved...
  2. Lamborghini 'Uncovered' in London!

    "Lamborghini Uncovered" features Raging Bulls both past and present in a terrific set-up.The temporary exhibition features such models as the Lamborghini 350 GT, Miura, Gallardo, Aventador and the crown jewel of them all, the silver 25th Anniversary Countach model. details and video at...
  3. Going to the Olympics??? Get chauffeured by BMW's fleet!

    European Auto
    BMW has 4,000 vehicles going to the London Olympics this summer. They include the 1-Series ActiveE coupe, MINI E hatch, 320d sedans, 520d sedans, X3 xDrive 20d, X5 xDrive 30d and 5-Series Active Hybrid cars. BMW also providing 25 R1200 RT motorcycles and 400 BMW Streetcruiser bikes...
  4. New to L4P, from Canada!

    hey everyone, i was just recently introduced to the site by m5rsaptin. I dont know many people here yet, still trying to figure out stuff. From London Ontario, Canada, just 2 hours away from Toronto, an amazing place for cars! I go to Toronto a lot to scope out cars, talk to owners, go to car...
  5. Bugatti Veyron Start up & Driving Off

    European Auto
    My latest video that I uploaded last night. Funny how that night I thought I would go and check the Sheraton Hotel if that Veyron was there and I had perfect timing to catch it leaving with his bodyguards in the Fab Design Pana. Enjoy!
  6. Arab Supercar Thread!

    Welcome! I decided to start this thread to share pictures/videos of the amazing supercars that the Arabs own. Feel free to post pictures/videos of ANY supercars but they must be Arab owned. Doesn't matter where the picture/video has been taken, as long as it's arab owned. I would like to start...
  7. Loudest 599 EVER?!

    I recommend that you turn the volume to MAX, sit back and enjoy.
  8. Lamborghini Reventon #18/20 - Video

    Just a little something that I caught at the Lambo dealer in London, enjoy! YouTube - Lamborghini Reventon
  9. Citroen GT on the street in London

    Saw this amazing car on the street in London, currently the only one in the world. Photo page: Citroen GT Cruising! on Flickr - Photo Sharing! Photo page: Citroen GT on the road!! on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
  10. Mercedes SLS AMG in London, Sloane Street!!

    I filmed a beautiful SLS AMG in Sloane Street London! What a beauty of a car! Thought you would maybe like it (: Btw. there is MUCH stuff to come including a ride, and some brand new cars including the new Turbo S Cabrio. Stay Tuned! YouTube - MERCEDES SLS AMG W/ SILVER WINDOW FOILS!! SLOANE...