So this Mercedes-AMG GT S owner decided to wake up some citizens of London at night with his LOUD AMG GT-S! The exhaust sound of this AMG GT-S is definitely not too bad and it looks fantastic as well with a matte grey wrap and some yellow striping. Enjoy the sights and sounds!
  2. VIDEO: Lamborghini Huracán Spyder LOUD REVS & Acceleration in London Traffic!!

    Check out this Lamborghini Huracán Spyder doing some LOUD REVS and an acceleration in London trafffic! The exhaust sound of the Lamborghini Huracán Spyder is definitely one of the best car sounds in our opinion, and on the streets of London between high buildings, it sounds even better! What do...
  3. VIDEO: Lamborghini Aventador (SV) INVASION in London!! Revs & Acceleration Sounds!

    This summer in London was epic! There was a true INVASION of Lamborghini Aventadors, and among them were quite a lot of colorful Arab Aventador SV's. This video includes the Aventadors driving around London, doing revs and accelerations! Enjoy!
  4. VIDEO: Nissan GTR's Terrorize London! LOUD Exhaust SOUNDS!

    Asian Auto
    Check out several Nissan GT-R's terrorizing London! The exhaust sound of the Nissan GT-R is always a pleasure to hear, but which one sounds the best in your opinion?
  5. VIDEO: MODIFIED Range Rovers TERRORIZE London! REVS & Acceleration SOUNDS!

    Land Rover
    Check out several MODIFIED Range Rovers TERRORIZING London! The video includes a Hamann Range Rover, two Range Rover Sport SVR's and some other Range Rovers doing revs and acceleration! Which exhaust sound is the best in your opinion?
  6. VIDEO: (Arab) Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG's Making NOISE in London!! REVS & Accelerations!

    Check out several (Arab) Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG's making some serious NOISE in London!! The video includes the C63 AMG's revving and accelerating down Sloane Street, such an epic exhaust sound!
  7. VIDEO: LOUD HAMANN Range Rover Sport Conqueror II in London! CRAZY REVS & Exhaust SOUND!

    Land Rover
    Check out this LOUD Range Rover Sport Conqueror II tuned by HAMANN! The exhaust sound of this tuned Hamann Range Rover Sport is simply epic! Video includes a lot of revs and some accelerations on Sloane Street in London!
  8. The 'Sky Pool' Looks Amazing and Terrifying at the Same Time!

    Working on a project that would be a world’s first, developers in London are planning a swimming pool suspended high between two buildings, with a clear shell that enables swimmers to feel like they’re in the sky. The 25-meter-long pool would connect two apartment complexes that are part of...
  9. Supercars in London (Part 5) - Veyron 16.4, Aventador, V12 Vantage S & More!!

    Last summer we went to london and filmed a lot of supercars. This is part 5 of the Supercars in London videos! Including a Bugatti Veyron 16.4, Lamborghini Aventador, Aston Martin V12 Vantage S and a lot more! Enjoy!
  10. Vossen is looking for cars to video/shoot in London today to the 27th!

    Please email [email protected] if you are in London with Vossen Wheels and want to be in an incredible video and photoshoot!! Thank you!:thumbsup: RS6 Avant • On location at Wembley Stadium. Big thanks to Premier Auto Design U.K
  11. Pro Automotive and Tour Photographer from London wanting to be part of a team on the Rally

    gR Rally
    Hi Guys! GR5 is coming up real fast and I wanted to be part of this amazing rally. I am a professional photographer based in London, I have been published in the Official World Wide Ferrari Magazine and other publications. My work is based in the luxury sector with my work mainly in the...
  12. VIDEO: Supercars in London (2X Aventador, Murcielago SV, MC Stradale and more!) - Part 5 (1080p Full HD)

    The title says it all! Part 5 of our 'Supercars in London' videos! Check it out below and tell us which car your favorite is in this part!
  13. Launch of Diamond Dice Photography Website

    Diamond Dice provide the official images for Ferrari in the South West of England. With photographs published in the World Wide Ferrari magazine, the photos are produced to the highest standard with capture and post production. We also work close to luxury brands like Harrods here in London...
  14. VIDEO: Supercars in London (MP4-12C, CL63 AMG, GT3-RS and more!) - Part 4 (1080p Full HD)

    'Supercars in London' part 4! Some awesome supercars in this video again! We spotted all the cars in this video on one day in London! Which car is your favorite of this part ? Enjoy the video!
  15. VIDEO: Supercars in London (R8 V10, Gallardo, V12 Vantage and more!) - Part 1 (1080p Full HD)

    The first part of our 'Supercars in London' series. All the supercars in the video are recorded on one day! London is really one of the best city's to be if you love supercars! Enjoy (;
  16. London Canary Wharf License Plate - E14 LON

    I'm letting go of this custom UK license plate on e-bay: Canary Wharf Private License Plate - E14 LON This may not be the best place to post this so if anyone has any ideas of websites / forums where I might be able to find folks that are interested I'd really appreciate it.
  17. VIDEO: Audi R8 Epic LOUD Acceleration in London!! (1080p Full HD)

    Another video from London! This time an insane sounding Audi R8, accelerating loud in London near Harrods. You could hear the Audi R8 literally a mile away! Just watch the video for yourself to experience the amazing sound and let us know what you think of it! (;