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  1. Watches
    Wear a piece of history on your wrist. Vintage World War I Leather Straps! $229
  2. Fashion
    Hey there 4, I can't decide whether to buy this leather jacket or not. I really love the styling on this one, but Massimo Dutti? I know it's ZARA's brother company, so that leaves me concerned.. If I pay 500$ for a jacket, I'd like it to last. REVERSIBLE LEATHER JACKET WITH MANDARIN COLLAR...
  3. Fashion
    A wallet is a wallet for most; I am the first to admit that but still, men still need some things to represent them well, the pen they use, the watch they wear, wedding band if so inclined and for me that includes my wallet. Over the years I have owned a few (LV (Cliché I know), Gucci, Coach...
  4. Marketplace: Watches/Watch Related
    hey guys and gals, just unloading some extra straps i have laying around. CTDesigns HP strap in black 1 used for $45 shipped 2 new for $65 shipped (each) Grey Nato strap 2 new for $20 shipped (each) any questions please feel free to ask. paypal: [email protected]
  5. Watches
    Model Name: SCATOLA DEL TEMPO TRAVEL CASE FOR WATCHES Model Ref #: 3PCondition: New, Box & Papers COLOR: BLACK List Price: $ 2025.00 L4P SPECIAL ASKING PRICE: $525.00 SHIPPED!! By VISA OR MC Actual Photos! OVER 8 MORE IN STOCK STILL FACTORY SEALED!! Google right now and these...
  6. Watches
    I am looking for a watch for about 3500. I want something with a leather strap, preferably black. What watches would you recommend?
  7. Watches
    i figured this is the place to ask. I just picked up an Oris TT1 Diver Date Titanium. I have the OEM rubber strap and i am loving it. But at the same time i am looking for something with some leather and stitching. Anyone have any suggestions on places to buy from? I have spoken with StapSmith...
  8. Marketplace: Watches/Watch Related
    something i thought interesting, but never gets any wrist time, L4P price of $25 paypal'd and shipped 24mm Blue Leather G10 Nato strap w/ polished buckles and loops thanx!
  9. Watches
    Does anyone know where we can make custom COR logo on leather straps?? Thanks in advance
  10. Watches
    Hmmm, what's this. An enveloped addressed to yours truly... Looks like there is a box inside, perhaps I should open it... What's this? A leather good of some sort... Ooooh, Breitling, me likey! Lots of room for anything and everything one needs while traveling. It gets broken in...
1-10 of 10 Results