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  1. Asian Auto
    Liberty Walk recently revealed their new edition wide body kits for GT-R R35, we had the pleasure to fit our exhaust system on to it, not only it looks badass, it even sounds like a real GODZILLA now! Full video coming soon! Armytrix website: Liberty Walk website...
  2. Ferrari
    Two Ferrari 458 Italia with the same Liberty Walk 458 Armytrix Full Titanium Exhaust System in Vancouver, it's unlike any steel exhaust system, the exhaust tone is more solid and more aggressive and of course loudest as you can possibly get! Official website: Quick inquiry...
  3. Ferrari
    Another Ferrari 458 Italia with Armytrix Titanium Valvetronic Exhaust System in CANADA! Insanely aggressive exhaust sound with flames! 100% aero-grade titanium made valvetronic muffler with just 7.6 k.g. Ultimate weight-saving system for Ferrari 458 to achieve better power-to-weight-ratio...
  4. Ferrari
    Build for extreme performance and high-pitch sound Aero-grade titanium made triple tips High-performance cat-bypass pipe Aero-grade titanium made Valvetronic mufflers & X pipe
1-4 of 4 Results