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  1. The TOP 5 Most Expensive Luxury Hotel Suites in Las Vegas

    Las Vegas — the home of sex, alcohol and blackjack — is also the home of luxury accommodation. Known for its guilty pleasures and hard parties, Vegas can only be conquered with a pocket full of cash (and Aspirin). So if you’re gonna do it right, withdraw your life’s savings and start off by...
  2. These Top 5 Bars in The World Will Leave You Absolutely Breathless

    We’ve all been there: the clock strikes five and finally the workday is over. You head home, looking forward to some much-needed time off and suddenly, it’s Friday night and realize you have no plans. With the whole weekend ahead of you, what better way to celebrate than with a few libations at...
  3. L4P's Top 4 of the Week: More Luxury than a Rocket Car

    From the world's first 1000 mile-per-hour car and a 600 horsepower Brabus Mercedes-Benz to a $18-Million Log Cabin in Aspen that seriously puts all others to shame, it was a week of firsts here at Luxury4Play . Here's the Top 4 of the week after all the dust settled... 4. The World's Most...
  4. This $14 Million Las Vegas Estate Would Make James Bond Jealous

    Real Estate
    If there’s one thing that’s absolutely mandatory on a visit to Las Vegas it’s having super luxurious accommodations at the ready, and thanks to this 15,000 square foot Primm Ranch estate that’s exactly what you’ll get! Just five minutes away from the Strip, Primm was designed with the...
  5. EDC 2014 LAS VEGAS

    I have 3 passes to the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas this weekend if anyone is interested. They are each 3-day passes. I paid $385 for each pass but I am open to reasonable offers. Let me know if you are interested.
  6. Locations in Las Vegas

    I'll be in Vegas for Sema again this year, and I want to try to get some additional photography done when out there. I am looking for some place a little out of the norm to shoot some apparel with models where I'm not going to end up with tourists, red rocks (just not my thing), or cops that...
  7. Pushing a baby stroller thru MGM at 1:45 a.m.

    Okay, I have been going to Vegas for 20 plus years now. I just got back. It seems more and more people are bring kids (under 21) to Vegas. I know there are some things to do for kiddies ....(pool, but that is more like Carnival), but mostly its an adult playground. On the way back to my room a...
  8. Just moved to Las Vegas. Looking for car clubs, and just getting to know people here who love sport and luxury cars as much as me.

    I just moved to Las vegas as I have owned a company here for several years but have had others who have run it for me. But I moved here from Norway to enjoy the sun and the chance to really get the most out of my number one passion, Luxury and sports cars!. So im looking to meet new people and...
  9. Out to meet the Gumballers on the 30th May

    Anyone planing to take a drive and join Gumballers as they are coming into town from Santa Fe? 2012
  10. Going to Furnace Creek (Death Valley) in the summer , anyone been there?

    My girfriend and I are looking to go to Vegas (again)in August, we want to do a day trip to Furnace Creek in Death Valley. We dont mind the heat (planning on moving to Arizona down the line), so I'm looking to see if there are some things do and see. Thanks for your time.
  11. PRE-SEMA Coverage featuring Luxury4Play, Platinum Motorsports, Forgiato Wheels, B|B|i Autosport and JP Logistics!

    This year JP Logistics decided to hit SEMA HUNDRED TIMES Harder than any other year! With 70+ Cars already delivered to SEMA! We had cars coming in to Sin City from all around the US! :bow1: Our clients also thought that they should just blow the roof off the Las Vegas Convention Center! :clap...
  12. MFEST 2011 Coverage

    Went to MFEST while I was in Vegas last weekend...good event and would definitely recommend it to anyone who owns a BMW. :D IMG_8743 by MODLyfe, on Flickr IMG_8745 by MODLyfe, on Flickr IMG_8750 by MODLyfe, on Flickr IMG_8754 by MODLyfe, on Flickr IMG_8755 by MODLyfe, on Flickr...
  13. 2011 BullRun Rally

    The Bullrun 2011 Rally is just a few months away, and it’s going to be bigger and better than ever before! This year the World famous Bullrun rally will be heading returning to its roots this year, and wil be heading south. With this year’s rally starting and ending in two of the biggest party...
  14. Has anyone ever used a Private Investigator??

    Arts and Entertainment
    I'm thinking about using this dude...
  15. Introduction; Tom from Las Vegas

    Greetings all, my name is Tom, I am 25 and I live in Las Vegas, NV. I have been visiting the four for a while and appreciate finally becoming a member. I work in property management and event planning for private estates in Las Vegas where my time is spent making sure that clients' expectations...
  16. Renting Cars In Las Vegas?

    i don't know if this thread goes here but here i go! I'm going to las vegas in two weeks to my timeshare, I was thinking of renting a exotic car, (porsche or Lotus) Anything i should know before i rent a car there? Do you have any suggestions or pleaces to rent a car. My friends have told me...
  17. .::update:modball Party Las Vegas::.

    So, After a week or so of debate...It's official. :clap::clap::clap: MODBALLxFORMULA-DxSPOCOM The Modball Rally, has teamed up with two of the BIGGEST names in the Industry to bring you an even more out of control evening of madness.. We have moved the Awards party to: The Bank Nightclub...