lamborghini reventon

  1. Someone Just Spent $300,000 to Turn His Mitsubishi Eclipse Into A Lamborghini

    The owner of this old 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse beater didn’t know what to do with that mess. Couldn’t sell it for fair value, and couldn’t trade it either. Doing his best Xzibit impression, the owner decided to pimp their ride. Instead of taking a subpar offer, he brought his lifeless car back...
  2. Cant afford it? Build it!

    Why pay 2.3million when he can spend $13k and have it built? Car Lover Builds His Own Lamborghini Reventon
  3. Lamborghini Reventon

    A little work I did with Photoshop CS5 YouTube - ‪Lamborghini Reventon - Speed painting by TheRucaSama‬‏