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  1. Automotive
    One of our previous week’s Would You Rather saw the BAC Mono triumph over the Ariel Atom in a scrap of bantamweight track-day cars, but this week we’re turning to something more civilized. Now is a good time to be alive if you’re in the market for an obscenely fast grand touring car, and they...
  2. Automotive
    Last week’s L4P Battle saw the Mercedes-AMG GT take down the Jaguar F-Type R in a clash of V8-powered luxury sports cars, and while this week’s battle also features a pair of V8s, it’s taking on a decidedly different flavor. The Dodge Challenger Hellcat and Ford Mustang GT350 are two...
  3. Automotive
    Above: Ford GT LM GTE Pro Race Car So it's Day Two at SEMA and there's still lots to take in, but before we get ahead of ourselves, here's today's TOP 10 of just some of the aftermarket goods we've seen so far from Las Vegas. Check out yesterday's TOP 10 Photo Gallery HERE . Rims...
  4. Automotive
    What a week on Luxury4Play ! Between the Mansory-modded Mercedes-Benz , an ultra limited edition McLaren  and a brand new 770 Horsepower Ferrari F12tdf being released , we were sure it was going to be a badass supercar that sat in the top spot of the list... So you can imagine how shocked...
  5. BMW
  6. Corvette/Viper
    This is my first event at l4p and live in calabasas and couldn't be more excited that there's finally an event in the area. Any other viper collectors coming out next weekend?
  7. East Coast
    Hey everyone! My name is Chris M. I have been checking out L4P for a few years now but never joined. So I pulled the trigger last night and joined. I love this site, it is very informative and entertaining. Anyways... I live in Charlotte, NC. Im 24 years old and work full-time at MDUSA. I am...
  8. BMW
    We are back at it again everyone, as we have just returned from Florida from the ROLEX24 race in Daytona Beach! If you missed our coverage check out the L4P thread here: This was an impromptu...
  9. American Auto
    Hello L4p members i upload a video before months on my channel it's a dodge charger accelration from 50-100 mph the modes installed is just stroker so i decide to share it with you and maybe subscribe to my channel :D Youtube <strong> Have a nice day everybody Mahmoud :o
  10. BMW
    X5M Makeover | Sunglasses Recommended Upon Entering I got a bit bored with my X5M so I decided it was time for a makeover. I'll let the photos do the rest of the talking. Makeover includes: H&R Sport drop springs, Avantgarde 22in wheels, and chrome wrap. Previous Upgrades...
  11. Marketplace: Watches/Watch Related
    Up for sale is L4P/LUMzilla #1 of 11 from the second collaboration between L4P and LÜM-TEC. This watch is based off the Lumzilla 3 - 47mm, PVD. This has seen very limited use and shows no noticeable nicks, dings, or scratches. When this watch was released it was a veryyy hot commodity that sold...
  12. American Auto
    I'm in the process of customizing my new Cadillac. Wish I could have done gR this year in it. Check out the L4P badges!
  13. West
    Hey guys, so I was originally going to post this in fashion, but since it is location/region specific I figured this would make more sense. I have recently bought some clothing that needs to be tailored and I am trying to find a good modern tailor in the Newport Beach/Costa Mesa area. Does...
  14. Rolls Royce/Bentley
    ATTENTION! The newest addition to the L4P Garage is the marvelous Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe! We got the call in from BC of L4P that his RR Coupe is ready to be picked up and brought over to CA! This is little of what is to come, stay tuned because this WILL be another head turner. No doubt...
  15. Photography
    So this is the year i really hope i start to make it all count i ended last year on a pretty good high doing lots for Lamborghini Uk and the future is looking very good we already have alot planned and il make sure that it is shared with you my wonderful L4P friends. I have to re mention as i...
  16. Watches
    Jay Leno is now the proud owner of this custom hand crafted Strapsmith watch strap. It was created by Mr. Rob "Montana", The Strapsmith from a 1917 Vintage WW1 Swedish Ammo Pouch. Gorgeous work as always Rob, Keep it up. I wanted to thank Greg Grudt for taking the first two pics. All the pics...
  17. Photography
  18. Arts and Entertainment
    I would like to know if there are any L4P wallpapers just featuring the logo with (or without) background like the banner. Does anyone have something like that? I would like that for my iPhone 4s lockscreen, but i havent found anything on google. :)
1-18 of 72 Results