kvk photography

  1. WALD Black Bison S Class

    So its been a while since I've posted here i kinda dropped off the forum scene but I thought I'd drop by and post one of my recent photoshoots.. I shot this awesome S550 fitted with a WALD Black Bison program and WALD's bad ass B11 wheels for WALD USA the other day. Platinum Motor Sports did...
  2. Some recent work

    I havent posted here in forever but now that i have some time back and working on my own stuff now i thought id get back into it a little So heres some of my recent car pics from the last 2 or so months. until recently i had been working for Eurocar so most of my time was taken up already so i...
  3. CL65 KVK-Photoshoot

    Fellow SoCal Benz member is doing a few things to the car over the next couple of weeks and wanted to have some pix of her (yes her :clap:) car before and after the mods she has in mind. Though still debating on wheels... We will see what the out come one hat one is lol. So here you go what i...
  4. Maserati GT MC Sport

    As Saturday protocol dictates after C&C-Irvine a few of us SoCal photographers go out on a photographing spree with Eurocar OC. This weeks subject was a 2012 Maserati Granturismo MC Sport. so here's what I came out with with yesterday. As always, It was a great great shoot. Thanks Eurocar Team...
  5. kvk-photography

    I wanted to just share some photos i took the other day over at Lambo Newport, but then thought why not just having an on going thread i can just keep posting to now and again.. So I'll just post what ever my latest and/or greatest photos Ive come up with. Enjoy Facebook Website...
  6. Ferrari 355 F1 GTS

    Did a shoot with this over the weekend. Subject is a 1999 Ferrari 355 F1 GTS its 1 of 2 Black Exterior tan interior F1 GTS's in the US and one of 529 F1 GTS's made. This is still one of my favorite Ferrari's made its just clean and simple and sounds great imo. It is actually for sale, so if...
  7. Novitec Ferrari 599 by KvK-photography

    Collin from Eurocar was kind enough to allow me a photoshoot with their Beautiful Novitec modified Ferrari GTB 599. even more epicness via kvk-photography to come for 2013 Happy holidays More of the shoot in high res can be seen here : Skydrive/N599 Follow my work on...
  8. Satin Orange Range by DBX

    Land Rover
    New 2011 Range Rover Sport Supercharged. Originally white, now wrapped Satin Orange by Diamond Black Exteriors with blacked out 22" replicas.
  9. RDB's L4P BBQ Coverage by kVk-Photography

    A big Thank you to RDB-LA for hosting the best BBQ (that I've been to in a wile:lol:) Here is my coverage Pt.1