koenigsegg regera

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  1. Automotive
    In our last Would You Rather, we watched the Lamborghini Countach take victory over the Ferrari Testarossa in a battle of 1980s bedroom-wall poster material, and for the most part, you seemed to agree with us here and on our Facebook page . But, the supercar game has moved on significantly...
  2. Automotive
    Move over Bugatti Chiron , the Koenigsegg Regera has arrived. The production Koenigsegg Regera has been unveiled and the Swedish automaker promises that it will deliver over 1,500 horsepower of performance along with over 1,475 pound-feet of torque. If that wasn’t impressive enough, it tips...
  3. Automotive
    The 2016 Geneva Motor Show will kick off next week and there’s a lot to be excited about. Often home to debuts of some of the world’s craziest and most exotic supercars, the Geneva Motor Show is also one of the largest auto shows in the world. Unfortunately, we now live in an age where the...
1-4 of 4 Results