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  1. Supercars
    We got the call from Bugatti North America that they had another Bugatti Supersport landing at LAX last week... Of course JP Logistics sent out a truck to the scene to pick up this beauty... It was at Symbolic shortly after, and we even stayed around to watch them unwrap this masterpiece...
  2. Lamborghini
    Where does Floyd Mayweather get his cars from? O'Gara Coach Company... Who does he only trust and use to transport his cars? JP Logistics. Enjoy the photos!
  3. BMW
    JP Logistics is the Preferred Carriers for BMW North America, and this is their most recent move. WE GAVE YOU ALL A TEASER LAST NIGHT OF THE MADNESS... Like Promised, here is the full shots :wink:... Pre-Production- 2012 BMW Z4's ///M. :clap: -Here is the teaser picture if you missed it...
  4. Porsche
    Please dont get OD'd on the Porsche's that we moved in the last 30 days. A total of 41 and counting. Here is some pic of them Here is the starting line up To many pics to upload but I'm sure you get the idea what its like at JP Logistics
1-4 of 5 Results