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  1. Black & White Car Rentals' Exquisite McLaren MP4-12C | Full Photoshoot Pics

    McLaren's first production car since 1998 with the end of the legendary F1, the MP4-12C is an entirely new beast aimed specifically at the Ferrari 458 and Lamborghini Gallardo. In fact, comparing the F1 and the MP4-12C side-by-side shows the familiar wedge shape of the legendary F1 on the new...
  2. Another McLaren MP4-12C Transported!

    White McLaren's just look SO GOOD. We picked up this MP4-12C TODAY and its already in route to it's new owner in Florida! Enjoy the pictures! :wow2:
  3. Virage Convertible showing off the Newest accomplishment JP Logistics has received.

    It is a VERY VERY GREAT Morning at JP Logistics, - We have booked 33+ cars and still counting all since 8am THIS Morning. - We got the award from Inc. Magazine and we are in the Inc. 5000 Issue for being Top 5000 Businesses in America with the most growth. Link --> JP Logistics - The...
  4. These little critters are going psycho! 9 R8's! 2 A7's! 1 A8L!

    As some of you may know... JP Logistics is the Preferred Carriers for Audi North America and this is one of their most recent orders... We gave everyone a little tease a couple days ago on our Company Profile --> JP Logistics & Motorsports, Inc. | Facebook Well Enjoy a couple of the shots...
  5. Do the Math: 1 Car? 5.9 Million Euros? $8.42697 Dollars? Only at JP Logistics!

    So how old do you think is old for a fine Automobile? Well JP Logistics recently flew this 1893 Benz Victoria from Germany out to Pebble Beach, CA for the Concours De' Elegance DIRECT for MBZ Global. It was sitting at the Mercedes Tent at Concours... Took home about Seven Awards. :clap: Well...
  6. Aventador Stupidity

    I hate to be the one to bring this up, but while our single car carrier was moving a Bug from the corporate office he snapped this pic of a brand new Aventador being transported :bitenails::bitenails::bitenails:. Come on really :confused::confused::confused: ? Who was the smart one. Im not...
  7. The Luxury4play Bug!!! L4P x Symbolic Motor Car Company x JP Logistics

    Look what JP Logistics just picked up! The B.C. / L4P Bug! On its way to Symbolic to get some loveeee! :whistle: Picked up with our Flatbed and will be delivered in the Exclusive Car Carrier sponsored by L4P & Symbolic. ^ Now thats how to show some love! :laugh: Enjoy...

    JP Logistics is the Preferred Carriers for BMW North America, and this is their most recent move. WE GAVE YOU ALL A TEASER LAST NIGHT OF THE MADNESS... Like Promised, here is the full shots :wink:... Pre-Production- 2012 BMW Z4's ///M. :clap: -Here is the teaser picture if you missed it...

    :clap: JP Logistics found this sexy looking green monster wondering around Symbolic Motors... We have captured it and will be returning it to its rightful owner! Check out this Green LP-570 Superleggera we just transported for Michael & Terri Farro. Amazing car I can say, all the carbon fiber...
  10. Official Pictures of the *Pagani Huayra* done by JP Logsitics

    As some of you may know, JP Logistics is the preferred carriers for Mercedes North America. We recently got the call and they said the car is done being tested and we need this puppy back in Germany ASAP along with another 20 Prototypes vehicles (Sorry we can not release pictures :ohwell: ) We...

    Are you ready for this? :bitenails: Find it & Guess the car! More teasers to come... GO ON TO FACEBOOK LIKE our page and "like" the comment to release full pictures..... JP Logistics & Motorsports, Inc. - Automotive - Sun Valley, CA | Facebook or Scan it :D OR go on to Luxury4Play |...
  12. *Nissan NV-200, only one that was in the states! Transported by JP LOGISTICS*

    Asian Auto
    JP Logistics recently picked up a Nissan NV-200 Van from the Nissan North America Testing Grounds in Arizona. The car was in the heart of the desert where the only visible object to be seen was abandoned Nissan test vehicles, even with nothing in site security was extremely tight so your average...
  13. *JP Logistics & Ultimate Lamborghini Experience 4*

    JP Logistics would like to Thank everyone who came out and supported ULE4 at the Auto Club Speedway. As some of you may know, JP Logistics was the official sponsor of ULE4. We had great sponsors this year for ULE & it would have not been possibly to have such a great event without great proud...
  14. Fathers Day Deliver to ATL

    I got a call from Mitch at Famous and was told the car needs to be in ATL on or before Sunday the 19th and the car is ready to go on the 16th. So here we go with this Black Beauty to make a customer real happy! Distance is 2228 miles. Travel time 48.8 hours of straight driving. Getting on the...
  15. JP Logistics, The official transporters of gr3. *Pick-up & Drop Off*

    Raw Mean's Rawserati :1MaseRAWti::raw:
  16. Was it JP ? Are you FAMOUS ?

    Did JP Move your car? Did FAMOUS work on your car? If not your missing out. This is what we call TEAM WORK !!!
  17. Some Love for our M fans...

    Here is a quick look at what has taken place at JP Logistics & Active Autowerke. Here is a brief description of the conversation I (George) and Omar at Active had. Omar: G man I have a M that needs to go to AutoTalent on 5/12 by noon. It is ready to go 5/9 and we need your single car exclusive...

    Rolls Royce/Bentley
    How about this... 3 White GTC's for Bentley Beverly Hills. Something about a white Bentley that just stands out...
  19. Love 4 the L4P Sponsors and Members

    Here is a quick video of some of the cars that were transported last week. Mario's (Sinister560) Lambo to UGR along with a Superleggera Lamborghini Beverly Hills, Symbolic Motor Cars, and Beverly Hills were having their vehicles shipped. Lets not forget a good friend, L4P sponsor Mitch @...
  20. Overdosed on Porsche's

    Please dont get OD'd on the Porsche's that we moved in the last 30 days. A total of 41 and counting. Here is some pic of them Here is the starting line up To many pics to upload but I'm sure you get the idea what its like at JP Logistics