1. Stunning Nissan GTR (Video and Acceleration Sound)

    Asian Auto
    I saw this white Nissan GTR R35 with beautiful black accents at Cars and Coffee. I think the car looks and sounds great. The white body is really offset nicely by the black accents. Also, the car accelerating with some nice volume was enjoyable.
  2. ***Video: JoTech Nissan GTR: Great Engine Sounds & Unique Styling

    Asian Auto
    Got some video footage of a Stage 3 JoTech Nissan GTR. I love the sound as it launches into the night and the lime green accents are a nice touch. JoTech makes some sweet GTR's. :D PS: I'm NOT the voice in the video that sounds like Aston Kutcher from Dude Where's My Car :D
  3. JoTech Nissan GTR - Launch (Video)

    Asian Auto
    I love the pure excitement that surrounds the launch of the JoTech GTR at C&C! It was a pretty sweet moment as everyone cheered him on. It's good to see a true winner get props. :)
  4. Nissan GTR by JoTech Racing - Your Thoughts?

    Asian Auto
    I had a chance to check out a Nissan GTR customized my JoTech Racing. I like the way it looks with the matte black rims and I especially think it sounds better than many other GTR's i've heard (they often sound rather anemic). What do you guys think of it?