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  1. Asian Auto
    I saw this white Nissan GTR R35 with beautiful black accents at Cars and Coffee. I think the car looks and sounds great. The white body is really offset nicely by the black accents. Also, the car accelerating with some nice volume was enjoyable.
  2. Asian Auto
    Got some video footage of a Stage 3 JoTech Nissan GTR. I love the sound as it launches into the night and the lime green accents are a nice touch. JoTech makes some sweet GTR's. :D PS: I'm NOT the voice in the video that sounds like Aston Kutcher from Dude Where's My Car :D
  3. Asian Auto
    I love the pure excitement that surrounds the launch of the JoTech GTR at C&C! It was a pretty sweet moment as everyone cheered him on. It's good to see a true winner get props. :)
  4. Asian Auto
    I had a chance to check out a Nissan GTR customized my JoTech Racing. I like the way it looks with the matte black rims and I especially think it sounds better than many other GTR's i've heard (they often sound rather anemic). What do you guys think of it?
1-5 of 6 Results