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  1. Supercars
    I think this black McLaren MP4-12C looks amazing under the Christmas lights. It was drawing people like moths to a porch light! I am a bit disappointed by the condensation on the inside of the headlights of such a new car (wouldn't think this should be occuring) but other than that, this whip...
  2. Ferrari
    I've seen pictures of the Ferrari FF on the internet for months and have tried to decide if I like the look. I've now seen the car in person and I'm not really feeling the styling. What do you guys think? Is it a good looking car?
  3. Supercars
    I saw the Black and Yellow Bijan Bugatti Veyron the other day. If nothing else, its unique and must be exactly what the owner wants it to be. What do you guys think? Is this a winning customization and color scheme for the Veyron? Also, I'm really interested to know if any other customizations...
  4. Maserati
    Grabbed some video of this silver Maserati Gransport with smoked taillights driving. The car sounds so mean! And I love that it's followed by a Mustang GT for a Europe vs USA engine note showdown :clap: Which car do you think sounds better?
  5. Lamborghini
    I finally saw an Aventador, and got a bit of video. Figured I'd share, as it was an exciting moment! The crowds around this Lambo at Cars and Coffee Dallas were unbelievable :) I think it sounds great during the flyby and I like that it looks somewhat like the Reventon, but in a full production...
  6. MBZ
    I wanted to share this Benz. It's a Car Nutz Custom CLS 55 AMG CMC Signature Edition prepared for TWCompetition. I really like the carbon fiber roof (haven't seen many of these) and the black accents. What do you think of the car?
  7. Automotive
    I was at Cars and Coffee Dallas and saw this classic car get pulled over. It seems the cops were out of line in this case. The guy did not break the posted speed limit and one almost gets the sense that he was pulled over simply because he has a nicer car than the officer will ever own. What...
  8. gR Rally
    I just watched my copy of the the Gold Rush Rally 2KX DVD and I must say it is incredible! The video truly captures the essence of motoring at its highest level. The friends to whom I showed the DVD enjoy cars, but are not car fanatics. They were totally floored by the footage and gazed at the...
  9. Ferrari
    I'm curious about the aftermarket wheels on this Ferrari F360. 1) Who is the maker? 2) What do you think about how they look on the car? Are they an enhancement or a detraction in your opinion and why? (My thoughts are that the wheels look good, but I think matte black rims on this car would...
  10. European Auto
    I got some sweet video of a silver V10 Audi R8 arriving, parking, and launching at Cars and Coffee in Dallas. The car sounds great (better than the V8 Audi R8) and I love the styling of the wheels. Also, the little kid in this car with his dad is truly "Living The Dream", lol. :clap: Seeing...
  11. Automotive
    What do you guys think about engine revving at car shows? Should it be allowed (and even encouraged) or frowned upon? I ask because I recently attended a car show where many people were enjoying the sounds of a high revving blue BMW M3 and one attendee threw a fit about the engine revving. I...
1-11 of 12 Results