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  1. European Auto
    This is my first post on this foram so far i am loving this site a lot to learn from and a lot of people who are real rather then people picking out pics for web and posting it. anyways i am still not use to this site and still learning everything on here. I just bought my self a used jetta...
  2. American Auto
    Has anyone from the L4P followed this guy? He is on facebook Smyth Performance | Facebook and building a mid engine car from a 4 door jetta. Using as much original part and getting of the shelf part for the remaining will make this a fun and affordable mid engine car.
  3. European Auto
    Last week I took a couple shots on my buddy's slammed VW...shots turned out ok...this guy is so low it's crazy, he rubs on everything :lol: He is lowered on H&R coils and rockin the 18x8.5 Mercedes S-Class Wheels
1-3 of 3 Results