1. The Future of Flying Cars is Almost Here Thanks To This All-Electric Jet

    The one percent can rejoice as their dreams of having a mode of transport that both works on land and sky is finally within view thanks to Lilium Aviation. The Lilium aircraft requires absolutely no runway and produces zero emissions and will soon be the world’s entirely electric jet capable of...
  2. The $4.5 Million HondaJet is Coming to an Airport Near You

    Move over Honda Civic because there’s a new Honda superstar in town — and it has wings. After 30 years of development, Honda has finally introduced the HondaJet, a $4.5 million aircraft that promises to deliver maximum power with minimum engine noise. Honda president, Takanobu Ito, told...
  3. Watch These Crazy Guys In Jetpacks Fly Right Next to a Commercial Passenger Plane

    How fun would this be? Jetpack flyers from  Jetman Dubai and Emirates A380 just took to the skies of Dubai for this incredible flight... Guess these guys really know what they're doing. This is insanely awesome. Watch for yourself below.
  4. - Ride in a Jet Fighter? -

    Anyone ever had the pleasure? I've recently become obsessed with finding a way to experience this. It's on my bucket list 100% now. Only place I've found is in the US in prop planes, and in MiG's in Russia for $11k. Anybody know of any other options? Who do I need to get to know?! :lol...
  5. LuxBoston Teams up with Apollo Jets to service Boston’s Affluent!

    Aviation, a highly targeted and exclusive city specific luxury guide recently teams up with Apollo Jets to service some of Boston and New England’s affluent. Read more here Check out
  6. Have You Seen Jay Leno's Eco Jet Yet? Here's my video, check it out ! ! ! !

    American Auto
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