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  1. Automotive
    As I was closely inspecting a pristine Lamborghini Miura S, I hear a phrase I haven’t heard in a long time: “Excuse me, sir, don’t touch that.”  Oh right, I’m not an auto show where I can get my hands on all the cars, but instead, I’m looking at a private collection worth an unimaginable...
  2. Automotive
    Ask Jay Leno which supercar gives the best bang for the buck, and he’d tell you its The Beast. Leno’s personal bias aside, the Rezvani Beast lives up to the name. The track-focused hypercar, priced at $159,000, is a Super-Frankenstein; put together from a hodge-podge of parts taken from...
  3. McLaren
    2014 McLaren P1 - Jay Leno's Garage - YouTube Jay Leno gets to drive the P1 i spotted a while ago. This car is just incredible. In a league of its own. The thread with pictures of it that I took:
  4. Watches
    Jay Leno is now the proud owner of this custom hand crafted Strapsmith watch strap. It was created by Mr. Rob "Montana", The Strapsmith from a 1917 Vintage WW1 Swedish Ammo Pouch. Gorgeous work as always Rob, Keep it up. I wanted to thank Greg Grudt for taking the first two pics. All the pics...
  5. Rolls Royce/Bentley
    Here is the video of Jay's Garage with the Bentley Mulsanne we delivered for Bentley Beverly Hills. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - Bentley Mulsanne - Video -
1-5 of 5 Results