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  1. L4P Racing
    Big thanks to our friend at Intheframe-autosports for these amazing pictures. You can add his fan page to enjoy some Sweet Car Racing Images here. Intheframe-autosport | Facebook [CENTER]
  2. Ferrari
    To make you (American) guys even more excited, I decited to upload my 4th video of a Ferrari 458 Italia ;) They are pretty popular with me :P This time the video shows the engine, inside, detail and even the car alarm (wasnt my bad!) Check it out if you want: YouTube - FERRARI 458 FULL REVIEW...
  3. Ferrari
    I was lucky enough to get a ride in this amazing masterpiece of artwork. Can't say anything else.. read the video description (: YouTube - FERRARI 458 ITALIA RIDE!! HUGE ACCELERATIONS! Gohm Singen (: :D:D:D
  4. Ferrari
    Hey, I was in Swiss for holiday and saw bad ass cars! Well, this is the first video I uploaded, a 458 Italia cruising around. I also got a ride in one of these 30 mins. later, so there is a better video to come! I got a VIP ticket thingy for the FAB Design factory, I saw quite many SLRs, CLs...
21-24 of 24 Results