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  1. Ferrari
    As Vorsteiner's largest dealer in the world for Carbon Aerokits we often get special goods delivered to us straight from the company to provide one lucky owner with a deal they cannot refuse. For our end of summer deal we JUST received Vorsteiner's full Carbon Kit for the Ferrari 458 Italia...
  2. Ferrari
    We are excited to introduce a COMPLETE high-performance exhaust solution for the Ferrari 458 Italia! FABSPEED MOTORSPORT | Ferrari 458 Italia Valvetronic Performance Package Fantastically daily-driveable sound and power from Fabspeed's Valvetronic Exhaust System, Sport Headers, Sport...
  3. Ferrari
    Ready to ship. Prior design Ferrari 458 Italia 10-15 Widebody Front Bumper Widebody Front Add-On Lip Spoiler Rear Bumper Diffusor Sideskirts Sideskirts Add-On Spoiler Rear Trunk Spoiler Bonnet Rear Vents Inserts CupWings Widebody Front Widenings Widebody Rear Widenings Vented Engine Covers...
  4. Ferrari
    looking for a 458 italia higher milage ok if for a good deal and looking for a 458 speciele with lower milage please pm me or email me or pm me for my direct number
  5. Ferrari
    When a body has beautiful, elegant, and sexy lines it certainly deserves the shoes to match. We just aren’t sure which set of shoes we like best ;) Wheel Specs: HRE P107 20”x9” // 21”x12.5” Finish: Satin Black Tires: Pirelli P Zero Front: 245/35/20 Rear: 355/25/21 PM us...
  6. Autos/Auto Related
    The Vossen 2013 Ferrari 458 Italia is for sale The RAREST Ferrari color "Rosso Fucco Opaco" a $32k paint option $30k In Novitec upgrades 21x9 | 22x12.5 Vossen Forged VPS-310 Wheels $319k MSRP - 1,600 miles Asking $298k - Email [email protected] Full Picture Gallery Below...
  7. Ferrari
    The car was on display at Concorso Ferrari 2014 in Pasadena, CA! Just a simple look around, hope you guys enjoy! Click below to watch: Crooks and Castles Ferrari 458 Italia - Carbon Fiber Galore (Look Around) - YouTube
  8. Supercars
    uncut footage of these Italian machines leaving Concorso Ferrari in Pasadena Sunday. Concorso Ferrari 2013 - Pasadena, CA Uncut Footage of Ferrari's Leaving - HD - YouTube
  9. Ferrari
    Hello Guys, We finished this beautiful red 458 with HRE's S 107 brushed/tinted clear 21" for rear & 20" for the front, novitec carbon fiber air box with modified air routing, high-performance exhaust system manufactured from Inconel, sport catalysts and a rear muffler. The sports exhaust alone...
  10. Ferrari
    The last one sold in 2 days, here are some quick photo's I took before the car gets detailed. $299,999 891 Miles Nero Daytona over Nero 2012 FERRARI 458 ITALIA COMES WITH THE 7 YEAR FREE MAINTENANCE! OPTIONS INCLUDE AFS SYSTEM BRAKE CALIPERS IN YELLOW CRUISE CONTROL COLOURED SAFETY...
  11. Ferrari
    Here's a short video of a stunning Ferrari 458 Italia, which I saw at the Dubai Mall a few weeks back. It has been fitted by ADV5.0TS wheels by ADV.1 and some extra carbon fiber.
  12. Ferrari
    You can see this exclusive Ferrari 458 Italia by Oakley Design it have 623CV and there are only 7 units on the world.
  13. Ferrari
    Lapo Elkann´s Ferrari? *Sorry if its a repost.
  14. Supercars
    Just read this on Yahoo news! Ferrari owner in Japan arrested after posting video of his high-speed run | Motoramic - Yahoo! Autos If you 1) drive an Italia 2) live on an island 3) you're a doctor, please don't record yourself speeding through the isn't really hard for cops to...
  15. Ferrari
    Ben was bored with all his other toys and needed a new one. I swear he changes his cars faster than I change my underwear.. well not really but close. :) Anyways here is his latest creation. And its full of win:bow1: His all new 458! :clap: Wheels: ADV5.0 Track Spec 20x9 21x12.5 Matte Black...
  16. Ferrari
    So L4P people... who want to ride this sexy beast
  17. Ferrari
    Video I shot at a Cars and Coffee meet in Florida of a 458 and SLS starting up and revving. (the annoying clicking in the background is the grey GTR, the battery died...haha) Also here is a video of the GTR's, the SLS, and the 458 taking off down the road after the meet: More pictures...
  18. Ferrari
    Check out our latest Video - amazing sounds from this 458 Italia, fitted with the 'Supersports' iteration of our Velocesport Exhaust line. Thanks to our friends at MC Customs.
  19. European Auto
    Hi guys, I know that the Abarth's debut in America will take place very soon, so I made this video just to tease you! Yesterday I was at the official start of the Giro d'Italia Automobilistico, a rally accross Italy, and ABARTH is one of the official sponsor. I had the opportunity to film the...
  20. Ferrari
    Click below for high resolution image DESKTOP>> BLACK, GOLD AND A SIDE OF FERRARI - Speedhunters Here's some additional pictures
1-20 of 24 Results