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  1. West
    Here are a few shots from this mornings Cars and Coffee in Irving, CA. Full set here: Cars and Coffee - 11/26/11 - TheAutoMod Cars n coffee 11-26-11-43 by TheAutoMod, on Flickr Cars n coffee 11-26-11-39 by...
  2. West
    It's that time again. Who needs love? San Diego! Those of us that attended the Station Pizza run had a great time so I have decided to shoot for round 2. The Pizza there is great and the "UNDISCLOSED" Roads we journey on after Lunch are always fun. You can just join us for Pizza and take off or...
  3. Automotive
    Hey guys, So my club at school had its first meeting a few days ago, and we thought that we should do a car show as a charity to help out the school, or another organization. We already got the green light to use the schools back parking lot( 500 car spaces) as the show area. But here is the...
  4. West
    Here are some pics from Cars and Coffee this past weekend. anyone else there?? Did you see the LFA or the SLR? :bow:
1-4 of 4 Results