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  1. Photography
    Hello all, I am the creator/developer of Metadata Pro, an easy to use yet powerful photo and video metadata reader and editor. The app has just been released to the app store. Check it out at the app store for more details. Link: Any...
  2. Electronics
    Just picked one of these up and for $350 you can't go wrong. That's $350 with no contract. Spec wise it is almost as good as the S4/5s, better than the iPhone 5. It probably costs Google around ~200-250 to manufacture (the S4 and 5s are around the same range). It's just that they don't spend...
  3. Marketplace
    I have a 64gb Sprint iPhone 4s for sale. The screen and back are in very good condition. I would give them a 9.5/10. The metal band around the phone has some mystery marks from the previous owner. I have no idea what they are from and haven't tried to get them off (They are just light marks, not...
  4. Electronics
    Pretty simple, discuss iPhone 5 stuff! Mine's due to show up tomorrow. Got a 32gb black one for Verizon which will be replacing my current 16gb iPhone 4. Who else is getting one?
  5. Electronics
    We are doing group buy special at an insane price! If we get 100 sold, everyone will get them at $19.99! :clap: Each case has a genuine carbon fiber shell with an ultra glossy UV protective coat with velour interior. More details on the site link below! The case fits with all providers for...
  6. Automotive
    Introducing the new Vossen iPhone case. Case Details: -The cap is a CNC machined T6 Billet Aluminum with the VOSSEN logo laser engraved (same material used to make forged wheels) -Available in 9 different colors -Compatible with iPhone 4 / 4s -The black frame is made from a Delrin and...
  7. Electronics
    What's your favorite/ most useful Iphone App?
  8. Arts and Entertainment
    I would like to know if there are any L4P wallpapers just featuring the logo with (or without) background like the banner. Does anyone have something like that? I would like that for my iPhone 4s lockscreen, but i havent found anything on google. :)
  9. Electronics
    Hey guys! I am a newcomer to the forum, but I was wondering if you all could share your two cents on an idea I have had. Since I bought my iphone, I have been looking for a quality mount for my car to use the navigation and google maps. Unfortunately, nearly every single product I have found is...
  10. Electronics
    *Edit* Figured it out.
  11. Electronics
    Looking for iPhone/iPad accessories that match the interior of your car? Take a look at these accessories that resemble the carbon fiber look! Body Guardz Carbon Fiber Armor for iPad 2 Scosche P2 FoldIO for iPad 2 in Carbon Fiber -- Also comes in white carbon fiber - Glee favorite! Elan...
  12. Watches
    Here comes short video on my IWC museum visit in Schaffhausen. Museum is located on the ground floor of the historical IWC building in Schaffhausen, but it's rather small - just 2 bigger rooms + small boutique. Interior is decorated in really...
1-12 of 33 Results