1. Metadata Pro - Metadata Editor App for iOS (New)

    Hello all, I am the creator/developer of Metadata Pro, an easy to use yet powerful photo and video metadata reader and editor. The app has just been released to the app store. Check it out at the app store for more details. Link: Any...
  2. Lotus Elise iPad Mini Custom Dash Kit and Install Photos Super Clean Build Log- How To DIY

    I pulled this off another forum but damn that's a clean install. So we now offer custom iPad Mini Slider Kits for a lot of cars, we make these kits custom in store and are the perfect way to put the iPad in dash. The iPad must have the cellular built in to make sure it works while your driving...
  3. Vehicle Diagnostics for iPhone/iPad

    Car Audio & Accessories
    "The GL1 Car Diagnostic Gadget will directly connect your vehicle's engine On Board Diagnostics (OBD) data to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Use your iPhone/iPod touch to read/reset diagnostic codes" ThinkGeek :: GL1 - Vehicle Diagnostics for iPhone/iPad
  4. D2Forged iPad Wallpaper Collection

    Everybody owns an iPad these days! That little gadget helps people around the world in their daily work and we thought that many automotive enthusiast would be glad to freshen up their device with a brand new wallpaper. As it is customary with us, we always strive to get our fans and customers...
  5. iCade...something else for your iPad

    Arts and Entertainment