1. Porsche Panamera carbon fiber Trims, looks very beautiful how about the one in

    Anybody how about this trims. any who have one in carbon fiber also? seems it is new product in the market.
  2. Defender of the Galaxy, A Kahn Design Widebody by Wheels Boutique

    Land Rover
    It really is fun opening the garage doors at Wheels Boutique HQ every morning to see the Miami sun glare off our latest completed project. It’s normally a stallion or bull of the Italian persuasion… maybe a super sedan or hybrid hailing from Bavaria… but rarely do we get to open the doors to...
  3. Peek Inside the New Lamborghini Huracàn Spyder's Cockpit

    Everyone knows that Lamborghini's new Huracán LP 610-4 Spyder is a gorgeous piece of Italian engineering. But this awesome design extends to its interior as well. Check out this short clip from Youtube user YouCar , who takes us inside the most hyped car of 2016 to see what's kind of heat she's...
  4. 2012 Porsche Boxster S 981 VIDEOS

    I like the new Boxster very much, it's an amazing car that I'd - at the moment - prefer to a normal Carrera (NOT GT2/GT3/Turbo) I made 2 short videos, the first is about the outside design because I think a video can show reality better than a single picture can do. Exterior video: The...
  5. Tons of new Aston Carbon from RSC

    Aston Martin
    Hi Everyone, So it wasn't just the supercharger we've been working away at in secret. Over the winter we spent some time developing some new carbon fiber parts for both exterior and interior. All parts pictured are 100% carbon fiber of the highest quality, and all mount to original mounting...
  6. The Power of Bespoke - ONYX Range Rovers

    Land Rover
    ONYX has been born of the challenge to question conformity. At the core of the company is the necessity to re-write the canvas that we are all forced to accept by living with mass-produced automobiles that are losing their style and appeal. TAG Motorsports is proud to introduce ONYX to the world...
  7. Why the hell would someone do this to a new CLS?

    No, not an ADV.1 thread. Seriously this guy is an idiot! - This is how you wash the interior of Mercedes CLS P.S. Hope it's not a re-post.
  8. Alcantera Suede Interior work

    I love all these Interiors. Nothing like a car custom panels and inserts :lol:
  9. Got The GTTRRRRzzz.

    Asian Auto
    Just completed some interior pieces for a customer in matte carbon fiber finish with some Alcantara & silver stitching. You guys feeling the matte finish? Flows well with the dry carbon fiber on the GT-R.

    Exterior/interior. Let's see what you got. CF Amuse Style BMW Trunk CF F430 Diffuser
  11. Euro Koncepts | Custom Carbon Fiber Steering Wheels

    Introducing our custom carbon fiber steering wheels. These are modified OEM steering wheels which means fitment and quality is never an issue. Each wheel is handcrafted and uniquely made per order and their individual specifications. We aim to exceed OEM quality with each wheel. The...