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  1. Photography
    My name is Innocenzo so I usually go by Inno For short . I am proud to be a part of this great community as I have so many friends here . Like most , I share the same interests summed up as the "Finer things in life " I do photography as hobby , I make no money off of it but I have a passion...
  2. Photography
    I had the pleasure of going to Mr Prays Automotive Museum , Open to only car clubs and charitable organizations . He owned and Operated many Foreign Automobile dealerships in the Connecticut area . The Pray Automobile Collection is comprised of a wide variety of automobiles , Covering a span of...
  3. Marine
    Hi , I am Jim or AKA "Inno" I photograph many events in the Northeastern US . I wanted to share with everyone a few basic Shots of this incredible Sail Vessel known as the "Maltese Falcon" I understand this vessel to cost around 130 Million Dollars . I along many spotted it on the West side of...
  4. Photography
    Just a few images from today , I was focusing on the Ithaca/ Verde M3 That caught my eye from a mile away . I also focused on wheels from D2 Forged and Adv.1 . My creativity is limited at these events so they are basic images .
1-4 of 4 Results