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  1. McLaren
    A few random images from the Mclaren Connecticut dealership Unveiling . Thank you for looking .
  2. Photography
    My name is Innocenzo so I usually go by Inno For short . I am proud to be a part of this great community as I have so many friends here . Like most , I share the same interests summed up as the "Finer things in life " I do photography as hobby , I make no money off of it but I have a passion...
  3. Northeast
    Just a few of my better images from that day , It was very busy , hard to be creative with many people around , So I opted to shoot interiors " Like " My Facebook Photography Page , Plenty of automotive events and adding more weekly...
  4. Photography
    Here are a few basic shots from the NYIAS . Sorry I am a little late , I was covering a few events this week and many hrs sorting many gigs. Enjoy More on their way in a few
  5. Photography
    I had the pleasure of going to Mr Prays Automotive Museum , Open to only car clubs and charitable organizations . He owned and Operated many Foreign Automobile dealerships in the Connecticut area . The Pray Automobile Collection is comprised of a wide variety of automobiles , Covering a span of...
  6. Photography
    I just want to share some of my Photography from another event . This was the 3 annual Hamptons Rally a gathering at a Private Estate with its own Polo Grounds . A Ferrari only event , With cocktails , DJ's and Polo Grounds / Stables . The Polo Match was an Exhibition one , I had only the...
  7. Photography
    This is my second consecutive year at this event , It is normally held in Skytop Pa and this year it was Poconos . I attended the Concours last year to see Benny Ciaola super car collection for those who knew of him but his cars including the Zonda was there the following day at the track for...
  8. Photography
    The owner asked not to have his name or tags of his vehicles online , I have went to a few of his events and Charities in Florida and this past weekend I had the pleasure of being invited to his stable . There are 82 cars on hand from Mercedes BMW Audi Ferrari , Aston Martin , Lamborghini ...
  9. Photography
    Delete please Please see other thread this was a duplicate during an edit , Please delete
  10. Photography
    Here are a few basic images from this weekends event at The annual Festival of Speed and style The Greenwich Concours d'Elegance . Some well known people like Jim Glickenhouse ,Wayne Carini (Chasing Classic Cars) Were there . Here are just a few from this weekend .
  11. Marine
    Hi , I am Jim or AKA "Inno" I photograph many events in the Northeastern US . I wanted to share with everyone a few basic Shots of this incredible Sail Vessel known as the "Maltese Falcon" I understand this vessel to cost around 130 Million Dollars . I along many spotted it on the West side of...
  12. Photography
    This event took Place this past Saturday at Westchester Airport at the Million Air Hangar . There were Jets , Miller Motorcars wonderful display of exotics and a Riva Yacht Here are a few images from the event , Hope you like them . Jimmy Thank you for Looking !
  13. Photography
    Hello everyone , Going to hit this site full force with my pics from the many events . This are a few from Sunday as I was a guest of the Ferrari Owners Club Northeast Region . They held a Jet reception with XOJet and Miller Motor Cars who sponsored the event . The images are basic , no...
1-14 of 14 Results