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  1. Automotive
    The winning bidder from last year’s auction defaulted on payment. The  1996 Hummer H1  fetched $337,144 last year when it crossed the auction block, but RR Auction has been unable to collect payment. So the Hummer is being re-listed and this time, the auction house expects it to sell for around...
  2. Automotive
    Arnold ‘The Govenator’ Schwarzenegger’s fascination with heavy-duty off-roaders goes all the way back to his military days. He’s always digged the Hummer H1, but he’s got some other macho machines in his arsenal, too. Take this silver Mercedes Unimog U1300 SE 6.4, which is now available on eBay...
  3. American Auto
    Hey guys been wanting a Hummer for a while but Is this a fair price for this one? Thanks! Hummer : H1 hmc4 slantback shell in Hummer | eBay Motors
  4. Automotive
    So, this weekend we had a ridiculous 30 Inches of snow plowed on us in the Washington DC area. While everyone was stuck at home my friend woke up at 5am to drive doctors and patients to the hospitals all over the area for 2 days straight. Once that was done, we had to find a way to get to this...
1-4 of 5 Results