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  1. Real Estate
    If you’re going to work from home, may as well make home an $88-million Silicon Valley estate, right? Sitting on 8-acres of California land, this stunning mansion holds the record for being one of the most expensive homes ever to be listed publicly in the Los Altos Hills area. Featuring...
  2. Automotive
    Last week we saw this world-famous celebrity DJ sign up to by one of Bugatti's Chirons, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's Heartbreak Ranch up for sale and controversial chef, Gordon Ramsay visiting the Fiorano test track at Ferrar i. We even saw the kick off of Luxury4Play's new weekly...
  3. Real Estate
    The sprawling oceanfront 60,000-square foot compound, bought from Donald Trump in 2008, includes diamond and gold fixtures and a nearly 50 car garage. It used to be owned by Donald Trump.
  4. Real Estate
    Ever imagine what it be like to live in a clock tower? well check the pics out and you will find out! SOURCE has video too
  5. Real Estate
    a house is just a house but in this case its designed beautifully and has the best location ever! If i was beyound rich this would be my home over any other home period! check it out! SOURCE more pics here
  6. Real Estate
    It took 3 years to finnish it but its my future house when my parents go to a better life. Californian style with interior pool for every season parties!:D Total cost: $15,950,000 USD
1-7 of 12 Results