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  1. Arts
    Here's a few of my latest pieces... finishing a series that tells the tale of a night around a fictional city... ...and one, slightly off-topic piece. After all, there were no zombies in the original story idea.
  2. Arts
    Some recent doodles and whatnot: Mustang I rendered for the TV show Search and Restore (reveal was this past weekend on Spike TV's Powerblock): ...posters for a local truck/pre-show party: skate deck: ...and a truck headed for Vegas, frst week of November:
  3. Automotive
    Cotati Speed Shop is finishing a couple of cars for me this year and i cannot wait for them to be completed!!!! the only photos i could find (for now) Cotati Speed Shop's Pictures - MySpace Photos my builder, Zane Cullen just copped this
  4. Arts
    I was fortunate to get involved with a slick race car project a little while back, and work with a really talented group of guys, getting the ball rolling on a six second '69 Camaro. It's going to be a blast, packing 2,200 HP, and the project's aim is to run in the 6's in the 1/4 mile. This is...
1-4 of 4 Results