1. The $4.5 Million HondaJet is Coming to an Airport Near You

    Move over Honda Civic because there’s a new Honda superstar in town — and it has wings. After 30 years of development, Honda has finally introduced the HondaJet, a $4.5 million aircraft that promises to deliver maximum power with minimum engine noise. Honda president, Takanobu Ito, told...
  2. Honda Accord Coupe | Concavo CW-12 | Arkansas |

    Asian Auto
    HEY L4P, Honda Accord Coupe on CW-12
  3. Honda FCEV Fuel Cell Concept Car 2013 LA Auto Show

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    Honda has promised a new fuel-cell powered car for 2015, previewing the potential styling of the eco-friendly car with its FCEV Concept. Improving on power, efficiency, passenger space, and design over the Honda FCX Clarity, the FCEV Concept develops over 100kW from its fuel-cell stack, cladding...
  4. Automotive Lifestyle Short film HD

    shot this as my final exam for school. check it out! CLICK HD
  5. FS: Heavily Modified -CLEAN- 2005 Honda S2000 Turbo Hardtop Stanced $22,500NEG

    Autos/Auto Related
    SOLD I have many plans this year, and I am at a fork in the road. I can either keep the S2k and continue to mod it, or sell it and move to my next platform. Placed a deposit on my Elise on 30 JAN 12 and need the S2000 sold before I can complete the transaction! I know one of your Ferrari...
  6. What a 50,000$ paintjob looks like on a Honda

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    The title speaks for itself, a custom 50,000$ paintjob on a Honda CRX. Like or dislike, we can all agree it's quite unique. Possibly one of the most unique cars I've ever seen, and I wanted to share it to see what you guys have to say about it.
  7. NSX HOMAGE - Ultimate all NSX Compilation

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    HI guys, I made a compilation of some of the cleanest NSX ever, from all around the world, some street some track, I hope you like! Took me sometime to come up with the images but I am glad I did it! Is my homage for the classic/former Japanese Supercar. Thanks! Oscar
  8. 2008 CBR 1000RR w/modifications for sale

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    Hey folks, I'm selling my 2008 1000RR. ~ 8000 miles -Oil changed regularly with Mobil 1 Full Synthetic & Mobil 1 Oil Filters -Used nothing but Shell V-Power Gas -Meticulously cared for and cleaned after every ride Performance and Aesthetic Modifications: +TaylorMade Exhaust (slip-on) w/...
  9. Dutch S2000

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    Did a shoot of this Dutch S2000 a couple of months ago. Full feature will be releases at the end of January at!
  10. Grocery Getter

    Honda Ruckus. Anyone have one? I think I might pick up one of these for those random trips to the grocery. Would be easier to find parking at the market and has some cargo space. And to satisfy my modding addiction, I will not be leaving it oem. :lol: OEM Modified