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  1. Supercars
    Can you please help this guy ?
  2. BMW
    I have just picked these rims up from the trash and all i know is that they are BMW M Series rims. I don't know what size, or what models they will fit. I would like to know so i can see how much they go for to sell, and i know nothing about BMW rims or tires, could anyone please help?
  3. American Auto
    Please, please help me find this car! I have tried every way possible to locate this car and I can't. It was a copper/brown color with a black vinyl top. The last owner lived in Cloquet, MN but we know nothing after that. The last owner does not have the info of the guy he sold it to. The...
  4. BMW
    I already created a post concerning the pre-purchase knowledge I should be aware of before buying an E46 M3. The only change is that I want to buy..ASAP, and I'm willing to offer a reward to anyone who helps me do so. If there is anyone that is a dealer, knows one, or has access to cars...
  5. West
    I Shipped my car from La to Atlanta using a company that had good ratings and they hired this really small unprofessional company to ship my car and they damaged my car, i took the car to get an estimate of how much the damage would cost and it was over $1500 and this small company is refusing...
1-5 of 8 Results