1. Here Kitty Kitty - Hellcat Challenger on ADV5 Track Function CS by Wheels Boutique

    We just can’t get enough of this bad kitty from Dodge. We started the aftermarket wheel craze on these MOPARS with our Black Challenger Hellcat, followed it by creating our very own Grand Cherokee Hellcat, then moved to the Plum Crazy Charger last week, and now we’ve come full circle with the...
  2. Tease Me – Plum Crazy Charger Hellcat by Wheels Boutique

    American Auto
    Plum Crazy Charger Hellcat by Wheels Boutique Usually we demonstrate patience by not revealing a car until a full photoshoot is complete but hell, we couldn’t contain ourselves on this one. Allow this little sneak peek to hold you over until the rest of the jaw-dropping images arrive...
  3. We Couldn't Wait for Dodge Any Longer so We Went Ahead and Built Our Own Hellcat Cherokee

    American Auto
    There comes a point where you get tired of all the speculation and rumors and you just want some concrete answers. Are they going to make a Hellcat Cherokee or are they not? Will it be released in 2016 or will in come out in ’17? How much horsepower will it have? How fast and loud will it be...
  4. L4P Battle: Dodge Challenger Hellcat V. Ford Mustang GT350

    Last week’s L4P Battle saw the Mercedes-AMG GT take down the Jaguar F-Type R in a clash of V8-powered luxury sports cars, and while this week’s battle also features a pair of V8s, it’s taking on a decidedly different flavor. The Dodge Challenger Hellcat and Ford Mustang GT350 are two...
  5. Wheels Boutique – Dodge Challenger Hellcat x HRE

    American Auto
    Not too long ago, 700 horsepower was reserved only for those fortunate enough to purchase hypercars. But now, in 2015, Dodge and their SRT guys have flipped the script. With a total of 707 hp, the Challenger Hellcat puts everyone else in the automotive industry on notice. Since its “Hellcat”...
  6. New Pennzoil Dodge Challenger Hellcat Video!!!

    American Auto
    Hi Luxury4Play members! Its so great to be a part of this amazing forum now!! So I thought to myself after joining, what better way to introduce myself than to share a super cool video with you guys, because we all love fast dodge's right!? Right! So I was browsing around on Facebook and came...