heffner performance

  1. Heffner Twin Turbo Ford GT over 1100hp and in POV.

    American Auto
    Hey all TT Ford Fans. This is maybe on of the best POV videos I have seen. What a machine and with over 1000 hp, then you just have to love it.! But what do you think of this Heffner Twin Turbo Ford GT is it to much or? well let me know.
  2. 1040hp Heffner Ford GT in POV style in Danish charity event.

    American Auto
    Hallo out there. how many are aware of heffner's ford gt tuning is it any good? Well any way this Ford GT is a Twin Turbo Heffner performance car. And if thats not special enough then I can tell you that is all Hand controle - yes the driver is paralyzed from the waist Down.